...and "we the people" just want to keep a little ole' AR-15?  Seems fair to me!

…and “we the people” just want to keep a little ole’ AR-15? Seems fair to me!

Why does the average good & decent citizen NEED to own and know how to properly use – defensively – a rifle like the AR-15 (or cadre’ of self-defense weaponry) in this nation?  Here are the Proofs & Reasons why this is so today (of course, excluding all those who are either “idiots” or true “mental defectives” with personal problems such that they wish to harm others – offensively):

The AR-15 Semi-automatic “Assault Rifle” is to be kept available for use by all Responsible Americans for the following reasons…

1. Self- Defense.  Such is your “inalienable right” in this life.  ”It” – too – in this case being called “it” – that horrible thing, that piece of inanimate marvelously functioning metal, we call the “AR-15″ (or M-4 or anything else that is available at our time of self-defense need in this country) happens to be our own inalienable Right to just have “it”…for our own Self-Defense, primarily…but for much more (see list below).  Such a “Right” by the way comes from God, not Man or even our Constitution.

2. (Self)Defense of Others.  As in, this type of weapon is certainly our “charge” (yes, even “normal citizens” like us) to be available to be used in the “self-defense” of others – not just for oneself!  Just think of the “Sandy Hook” problem.  Yes, we are charged and supposed to “protect others” with guns!  Duh. 

Best defense against a Gang!

Best defense against a Gang!

3. Defense of Self – from more than one attacker (necessitating a better weapon such as the AR-15!)also called protecting oneself or others from: “Gangs” of Thugs!

4. Self-Defense – from abusive Government.  Unfortunately, the 2nd Amendment was set up by some very smart Leaders for just this reason – like this concept or not.  This is where the Truth is just not very tasteful to today’s highly selfish and oppressive, certainly condescending and arrogant, Leaders of today.  Because, as history repeatedly tells us, when the “Assault Weapons” go away in any citizenry (see sites next, listing what happens when you ban guns in nations), their own Government becomes the “attacker” of that citizenry, unto its’ own demise…




5. Because “we the people” are not to be subjugated to or kept controlled by or put down by – a Government that “we the people” are designated to both run and operate…much less retain that role over “it” ourselves!   In other words, “they” are not controlling “us” – “we” are to keep control over “them” – at all times!!  History is absolutely replete of this not being what America desires for itself, but “most people” have long forgotten “we the people” so we might just choose to “do what feels right” but is not right very soon, further accelerating our own decline, in this screwed up highly uneducated now ignorant, arrogant nation of literal idiots.



6. Because if the Police and the Military believe the “assault weapon” is the premium weapon of choice – enough to use it daily in their work – then that is exactly what “we the people” need to have in our own possession, likewise!  (Hint: “We the people” are not to be subjugated by either of these forces, as a whole…)

7. Because you don’t have to be smarter than a 5th Grader today to understand your own Government is FULL of Idiots, Arrogants, Coercives, Manipulators, Controllers & Thieves!  Thus, most of the reason for a common name for Amerika today, our “Idiocracy”!  The Deceptions may be difficult to see through, but you still have zero excuse for not “getting it” – the truth, that is!

8. Because “it” is a “Symbol” of what a Powerful, Stupid Government DOES NOT WANT TO CONTEND WITH in the hands of a massive uprising – as per the exact reason that 2nd Amendment was put there in the first place!  ”It” keeps everybody honest – where the final rubber meets the road – in AmeriKA!  As an example, given the never-ending list of “talking heads” and “yappy mouths” we see on the TV and in the “DC” today, if it were that any of them got together to such a degree to be able to construct some detrimental tower of babble (so appropriately named, we see) over their inane excuses to “disarm the people,” then those AR-15′s could MOST DEFINITELY be used to usurp that usurped dysfunctional government power – right back into the hands of “we the people” which is where it belongs, clearly by all intents and constitutional purposes.  So the AR-15 becomes a symbol, in this case, to anyone wishing to try to “over-control” the AmeriKan people to such a degree as to not only “disarm us,” but to desire that they “destroy us” just after they do the former…which is now right there square on the table in this country, most unfortunately!

9. Because “Gun Bans” do not work – to do anything other than “ban guns” from non-criminals, obviously.  Stats support an Increase in Crime when good Citizens are “disarmed” – period!

10. Because a “Gun Ban” not only won’t work – to resolve the “Gun Violence” problem – it is “going down the wrong road” and presumes it will resolve the issue but will absolutely not - not to mention how it is a hard laugh to watch these “idiots” (see #7 above) pretend and play like they “have to do something” (even if it is wrong…), while we fail to address the real issues correctly – not the least of which is we now have a country where most AmeriKans are filled with Rage, cannot behave properly, have an Anti-God (eternal) problem, are so full of pride it is nauseating, can’t find their way (and I’m an American, remember) out of a paper bag when a real problem arises in their lives today, etc.

Bonus List – there are more reasons than just “10″ to keep your Automatic Weapons, in AmeriKa, now!

11. Because: “Only Fools Rush In…” Making Rash Judgments & Wrong Decisions on Major Topics or Issues Today – in the heat of the emotion – NOT WISE, friends!   Because to “act on this serious core issue of the foundation of this country” right now – while there exists high drama, hot emotions along with deceptive Agendas and stupid commentators – ready to attack this issue “while the emotions run high” – directly goes against what is both “common sense” and “right thinking” in what should be a wise world (that is NOT AmeriKa now, by the way)!  FACT: Any perspective on “what is wise” says, “You don’t make critical major decisions on any topic – when the emotions are running hot and high!”  Yet, this is the exact mechanism our supposedly “superior” and “elite” government always uses – to “get things passed” – as our wonderful “idiots on the hill” and “DC Politicians” have chosen to use as their modus operandii of choice!  Go figure…from a hoard of selfish Idiots!  FACT: WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO – WHEN THE WORLD’S CRASHING IN ON YOU – “JUST STAND STILL” – AT FIRST!  DO NOTHING – FIRST.  BE A PILLAR – WHILE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE RIGHT ANSWER – ASAP!



12. Because RED FLAGS of full WARNINGS & NOTICES are now waving loudly over this Nation, sitting in Peril!  What is this particular “flag”?  It is simply this: Sometimes, the fast correct answer to a very difficult problem is incorrectly quickly applied – wrongly – or it is just not known – right upfront.  That’s life!  Sometimes even, it takes some very smart people to work hard on attempting to resolve a very difficult issue – like “mass shootings of innocents” in Amerika today!  So, what do we do?  FACT: THE ONE THING YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO IS MAKE A DEEPER MISTAKE BY SUBSCRIBING TO THE WRONG (THOUGH CONVENIENT, HIGHLY EMOTIONAL) MANTRA – “DON’T JUST SIT THERE – DO SOMETHING!”

13. PRIDE cometh before the FALL.  Unfortunately, this nation is as full of “pride” as any people on the planet could ever be, in my opinion.  We have come a very long way – closely fulfilling even Biblical Prophecy (see below) to perfectly fit what is written in scripture as pertains to the Last Days…

What this means is this “prideful nation” will be extremely busy working against itself as we see happening all throughout the elite population (i.e. most middle & upper class in this nation today), including 97% of our Politicians today, to include the entire Democratic Party/Left Wing/Progressives…most all of which work tirelessly to destroy the Freedom Fabric of what was once “the good ole’ U.S.A.” because they can (and because “everybody thinks they’re right”) all of the time today!

14. Psychologically Sick AmeriKa in charge now.  We’re definitely not as smart as we presume to be…See this: “Generation of Deluded Narcissists”
Because…just because the Left and most uneducated (never being exposed to “guns” in their youths, basically) Americans are today both unfamiliar & fearful (the former causing an illegitimate “increased fear” and a reactionary declaration of that which they “fear on top of fear” to be declared “wrong”) of all firearms!  Because of #13 above, this combination causes these types of persons to illegitimately and very arrogantly declare only those things they “believe” about all things today!  This is a fatal flaw, quite possibly, in AmeriKa today!

15. Because…what is being proposed by the crappy Leaders we now have in this nation is not what it appears to be, and it will only “take away guns” to some, not all!  For what is obviously a “Gun Control” sham (i.e. “taking away of guns” from everyday Amerikans and not those in power, above “us,” fully) intended to be ONLY enacted upon those of “us” out here who are not in Power and not able to directly control (through either the means of: “Money, Power or Position” to circumvent it or stop it in our specific lives) what will be a highly biased and perferrential form of “Gun Control”.  In other words, the “taking away of guns” will only apply to those “citizens” who don’t have a Power Position in our society – such as Politicians, “Officials,” Law Enforcement, Military, etc.  Many, through “Power, Money & Position” will be able to have guns while the rest of us will be left without – defenseless – “without,” that is!  The new unconstitutional Gun Control Laws - will not “apply” basically to many, due to “privilege” and/or “having armed guards” around them, not us, from that point forward!   Example: Sen. D. Feinstein has demanded for herself, apparently, a nation-wide “gun permit” to carry her own firearm (despite her position against guns for you and me) – to include even her self-declared “air marshall” gun permit TO CARRY IN AIRPORTS AND ON ALL AIRPLANES!!  Think about this!

16. Because the AR-15 “Assault Weapon” Ban Concept is Flawed – It is WRONG for this reason, as well.  The AR-15 is a less powerful bullet, and therefore weapon, than the average U.S. Deer Rifle!  As usual, Congress is an idiot on this topic; they act as they know the most and so much about everything that comes into their realm…as some supposed “king of the land” today!  It’s time to see the idiocracy for what it is – a group of Political Idiots sticking their noses into every “problem” claiming only they have the answers for everyone?!  Wrong!  So, the Political clammor is mostly “Political” BS, furthering their unconstitutional Agenda, plainly…to the ones of us left out here that can actually think!

17. Because the Stats do actually prove that “more guns = less crime”!!

This inanimate pile of metal now has literal intentions to harm others?

This inanimate pile of metal now has literal intentions to harm others?

18. Because not many, or everybody in the nation, is yet “ready” (i.e. they don’t have their “AR” yet) for the collapse that is most probably coming – to this nation!

Take off the Political Mask and this is what's LEFT!!

Take off the Political Mask and this is what’s LEFT!!

19. Because you don’t allow IDIOTS and ARROGANT BASTARDS to make sarcastic, stupid, embarrassing remarks – about anything, internationally – much less to “represent ‘u.s.’” (as in being our “Vice-President”) LIKE JOE BIDEN!  Seriously, everybody on the planet knows this BOZO is an idiot and a slimy stupid MAN, just to start…

20. Because…DITTO…with the POTUS and our current Dept. of Justice, Eric Holder!  It is extremely embarassing to most Americans today to have the “representation” we now have in Washington, DC!  Ick!!    See example: Eric Holder’s (and Biden’s) Team Approach to “Gun Control”

21. Because…the ones trying to take away our 2nd Amendment Rights now are the very ones who cannot be trusted with much of anything that has to do with anything, to date…by their own history on most all topics, so easily shown.

22. Because…if what is being “sold” to the AmeriKan people today, about “Gun Control” directly relating to “less children harmed” were true…then proceeding with this (wrong solution) issue today…might well be different (than the voice of “we the people” who know this premise is not true, but that doesn’t stop it from becoming the battle cry of the Left…having a different Agenda than what is “advertised” with it all today!

23. Because…the ones squealing the loudest on the Left…for “Gun Control” and “taking away AmeriKa’s Guns” now…are clueless on the very issues they claim to know better for the entire country, on!  They have all of the following in common, amongst them:
a) They were raised without Guns and are now afraid of them
, thus their “cries” about Guns…
b) These are the ones who have never “carried” or felt the need to “carry”
…in their lives (which are all now “protected by guns”)!
c) They have never been threatened
to the point of “needing to carry” a weapon, and don’t have the faintest clue what this position is like for any others in this dangerous nation, as well…this being highly arrogant and totally selfish, btw!
d) Most of these “mouths” against Guns, have no idea today “what it’s like to be a ‘normal Joe’ in society” really!
e) And all the ones following the above loud mouths trying to lead their charge, well…it’s hard to follow stupid followers, isn’t it?

24.  And finally, the truth about what you hear all over the TV and in Congress – as well as from today’s emotionally sick WH – is but a “Liberal’s Drama” or “Platitudes of Emotional Drama” they are so fond of doing, and using, on anything and anybody who’ll listen – to further their own Political Agendas!  There is much Truth in the fact that “those you hear screaming the loudest” about “those poor children that got shot” at Sandy Hook, couldn’t care less about that issue, at all!  No, it’s all a dramatic game of manipulation to many out there “talking this up” to stir the emotions – to get votes to “create more restrictions” on the AmeriKan People today!  Sorry, but this is the Truth!  If you think about this, it is they who ought to be slapped silly here; to take a “crisis” and “never let it go to waste” – so as to twist it into a tune of lies, etc. – is but the antithesis of what this nation stands (or should I say “stood”) for, period!  It is time to take a good long look at “what’s really going on here” on the Left, especially, and also (I admit) on the Right, as well, when the manipulation of the stories, or facts, is used to further one’s own Agenda, and no one cares at all about that Truth anymore today!  This is wrong on either side, but today, the 2nd Amendment issues are entirely on the side of “KEEP THY WEAPONS, AMERIKA”!  Why?  Because we will probably need them in the coming fight, that’s why!
_________________________________________________________________________________________EXTRA STUFF:

Discussion & Details over the above List – Why we MUST KEEP our semi-automatic arms! All of the following are offered up as “Proofs” surrounding the fact it is time to start paying very close attention to our “Gun Rights” again – as well as “proofs” as to why we as a nation need to stay “armed to the teeth” appropriately - as these issues gain real momentum now and the “Gun Control” side of the debate fully utilizes the following “Proofs” in their most twisted ways to convince the voting public to give up their present Rights to true and best “Self Protection”.  This “Gun Control” upcoming disarming legislation is being supported by unclear, harassing, blaming, inaccurate declarations – which means “they have no good reason to do this” to us, beginning their “disarming of Amerika” now through the drama and hype of the recent string of horrible-behavior-related public shootings!  The resultant new legislation will serve their Agenda to decrease the “public safety” they claim it will increase, while allowing those in control to have more control over the entire populus – something they have long failed to show their worthiness to do, even as “legislated” today!  More control – they do not need!  This increased control is a recipe for disaster to the American Freedom – “We the People…” being the target of such secret intended New “Gun Control” Legislation!  Such will be the coming change to our entire society – to more “regulate” the ever-increasing Police State now in place.  Now, the Proofs:

“What reasons do any ordinary citizen have to need an AR-15?!!”  In detail…  

1. Self Defense is a basic human Right - that cannot be taken away from anyone.  In the case of the AR-15, even if we as a nation desire to declare this a “dangerous weapon” (possibly requiring “regulating” from being used by anyone, anytime, anywhere, etc.), that designation and restriction ought ONLY be applied to those to whom “basic human rights” must also be “highly monitored” likewise – as in for cases where we can’t even allow “mentally slow” folks to drive cars, choose freedoms like going unescorted in public, handling knives, taking charge of children, etc.  This makes perfect sense, and ONLY in these obvious cases of “can’t think straight” (vs. what additional “mental diagnoses” the “new world order” will now come out with – to fit the Agenda of “taking guns away” from everyone)!
a) Because it is our Right - by the Constitution – and true (esp. inalienable) Rights are not to be “questioned” by a stinking government…ever.

b) “We” citizens are supposed to be running this governmentnot the other way around; to do this, it is imperative that we have an effective “big stick” in our closets…called this AR-15 now…of “equating power” to our over-powering, malicious, rotten, stinking at the core, government!

c) Practically, because if any of “us” is forced to come up against a “gang of thugs” (i.e. any origin…), then it will take at least a “semi-automatic rifle” with that 30+ round clip to do this job, plainly!

d) Also, if the Police and the Government have it, as well as have determined the AR-15 to be the “gun of choice in combat” – then “if it’s needed for these entities, it’s quite probably needed for ‘us’, as well, too!”

e) Because taking this away – in the heat of some “Gun Control” coercive political maneuver – just like making some rash decision in the middle of a personal argument – is NEVER a good idea in the heat of the moment!  Fact: Even Liberals will tell you that “now is the time to act – while the ‘political heat’ over this topic (i.e. because of the Sandy Hook Elem. School EMOTIONS) is still hot?  Folks, this is the exact opposite reasoning used by those who know and understand “how NOT to act” in the middle of an emotional drama!

f) Because past problems with “Criminals Using Guns” is not a present or future problem with the “Gun” itself!

g) Because taking AR’s away is the inappropriate/wrong reaction in relation to the actual stimulus!  In other words, making New Laws to “Control” gun violence – is like taking all Cars (of a certain kind) and making them suddenly illegal because Drunk Drivers (commonly) use them to commit all that “Drunk Driving”!  We know better than to do this; why don’t we know better than to do this exact same thing – with a (certain brand or model of) “Gun”?  Answer: It’s about the Agenda – Control (of “us”) – not the “Gun” that they claim it’s all about!

h) Because “Gun Bans” don’t work to solve the problems (they keep claiming such a ban will do), at hand…period!

i) Because the AR-15 is a less powerful bullet, and therefore weapon, than the average U.S. Deer Rifle!  As usual, Congress is an idiot on this topic; they act as they know the most and so much about everything that comes into their realm…as some supposed “king of the land” today!  It’s time to see the idiocracy for what it is – a group of Political Idiots sticking their noses into every “problem” claiming only they have the answers for everyone?!  Wrong!  So, the Political clammor is mostly “Political” BS, furthering their unconstitutional Agenda, plainly…to the ones of us left out here that can actually think!
j) More to come…


School Shooting Collage2. Self Defense – of Others.  Such is an inalienable Right for all Americans – per the U.S. Constitution, no less!  The best example of our most innocent NOT having their “self-defense” taken care of, is Sandy Hook, CT – the Random Public School Shootings!  This is the PROOF that we NEED THE WEAPON – not some twisted proof we don’t need them!  If this can happen despite more Gun Control Laws “outlawing” it, then YOU better be ready to “meet the threat” with an equal or better “counter threat” – if you want to survive the attacks, that is.  Any other “solution” or alternative to this head on attack, is futile!  This is why today’s “Gun Control” push is so dangerous – it is functionally and factually wrong, but it secretly supports the Left’s Agenda entirely!

The fact remains – and will always be – it was not the “Gun” who would have been arrested (had the shooter still been alive) when the Police arrived to take the culprit into custody!  It’s not the Gun that needs, therefore, to be Controlled – no new Laws beyond what we already have need be enacted.  No Politician has the quick solution to this hideous and disastrous murderous issue – no matter what they tell you, claim, say, whine about, become fake emotional about, push to have you believe or have others say (while in the heat of emotion themselves OR who hold that same Politician’s Agenda…to be moved forward…while “never wasting any crisis”)!  Deception is so darn difficult to detect – that’s why they call it “deceiving”!

3. Addiction Threats are Everywhere Today – it is a highly dangerous world today, far more than the average Amerikan is ever told or shown!  This not commonly recognized “threat” to most people today, comes because “we” as a nation are still asleep at the wheel on this now pandemic “drug” issue across this country – and since we as a nation are not able to handle or eliminate this current horrific issue now destroying our world right before us, then YOU better begin to learn the truth about this most secret situation!  This has become an ever present threat to you and your family – know it or not – in the world we live in today!  These are the creeps doing all the “home invasions” nowadays! It’s time to know the facts of “how it works” and “what’s really going on” inside it…YOU are prepared to deal with, by force if you have to!  From Home Invasions, Robberies, Theft, “Smash & Grabs” (cars in parking lots), Assaults, Domestic Violence, Divorce, Murders, Rapes, and so on…these are almost ALL related to this “Drug Issue” in our sick nation today!  There are truths about this issue that can help you understand and deal with this deadly issue much more effectively!
Addiction Word Collage
See this awesome website: AddictionTreatmentTN

Truth is the Answer, but the BHL only scoffs at this entire issue...past what is their cursory occasional participation in a name-only version of same (i.e. attending the occasional church service - Catholic variety most preferred).

Truth is the Answer, but the BHL only scoffs at this entire issue…past what is their cursory occasional participation in a name-only version of same (i.e. attending the occasional church service – Catholic variety most preferred).

4. Reality of Bible Prophecy - like it or not (Media & present Mass Thought Mis-Taught (MTMT) in America), choose to reject this Truth or not, the Bible clearly predicts and supports the declining path of what is happening in our nation today.  The need for “increased security” is everywhere today; the signs around us reveal this easily – to those paying attention!
See the following scripture:
2 Chronicles 7:14
2 Timothy 3 & 4
(more soon to be posted)
I have been told – though I have not seen the movie, myself – that in “The Dark Knight Rises” (Batman flick shown at Aurora, CO theater – where shooter went nuts), one of the opening scenes has a building with a sign on it that labels it: “Aurora”!  Then, in this same movie there is some MAP with either an arrow or someone actually pointing to the location, named “Sandy Hook, CT”!!  Now, combining this shooting event that occurred at each place, this becomes “too coincidental” to me.  If one believes in demonic involvement in Amerika today – or even if you do not, doesn’t matter, it’s still true – then this spiritual consideration to the entire scenario of “Gun Control” and “End Times” societal problems…ought make each of us seek and consider the Truth within the Bible, plainly!  But guess what?  Most won’t…

5. Government Usurping our 2nd Amendment Rights & Personal Freedoms - The Police State is ever escalating & from this point forward it will be a fight to keep what we have in the way of “individual self-protection” rights, while not being made to look like we are “pro-shooting” of innocents!  It helps to reduce the smoke & mirror, intentional confusion being spewed out by either side today – especially the “Gun Control”/”we can fix all this” (with more Laws & individual personal Restrictions) – before it gets further off track!  If we don’t stop the machine, or at least stop it from moving its’ disarming agendas into our lives further, it will definitely stop all of us…as history tells us (if you study it)…step by step…from being “free” to do as we have done before, protecting ourselves and having the Rights to do this (including owning the “semi-automatic rifles” – inappropriately dubbed “assault rifles” today)…to being a nation where Big Daddy Government usurps our Rights & Freedoms more and more (to “take care of us” all the more), right down into what history shows us will happen, which is both murder by ones’ own government along with slavery to that same government.  Don’t believe it?  Read and study this issue in ages past, please, for yourself!

Fact: When any chump on a stump has had all his life a personal record of never harming anyone, while also having no serious “mental health issues” to speak of (beware of this issue becoming more pronounced in the coming years – as the government will now have its’ “participating doctors” call anything they want a mental health reason why you can’t own a gun – psych docs today call everything a “mental illness”), then those “fine folks” ought to be able to have any dang “weapon” they want, per the true intent of that 2nd Amendment, in our own country eyes!  And if this is not so, then we need to be asking the question, “Why doesn’t our government trust ‘us’ (totally sane & productive good citizens) with guns?”  Also, “Why are ‘we’ deemed ‘dangerous’ just for ‘owning guns’ today…now?”  Answer: Agenda!

6. Liberals are Scared of all Guns – so you can’t trust their views on this issue today!   Have you ever encountered one of the kooks that thinks “Guns are sooooo dangerous; they shouldn’t even be touched!”?  Most of them are Liberals, obviously…never having been raised around guns. Can’t hunt, neither! So be it.  But, when these “anti-gun nuts” starts in on us about how Guns need to be more “regulated”…well, our answer to that is why don’t we just “regulate the nuts” before they shoot somebody, first?  It’s pretty obvious to we hillbillies who ought not have a gun in their hand; isn’t it obvious to them?  If they don’t like guns or can’t use them responsibly, they need to just stay clear of all guns, themselves, and their communities can be “protected” by just their Police, I guess.  Out here, we prefer hunting and protecting our own – the old fashioned way, by going armed at all times!  We don’t have time to wait for the Police to show up when our lives are in instant danger!  (Do they, really?)  It seems obvious that today, more than ever, this has become an absolute necessity – in a nutty world like we have going on here now, where some “tards” go out and actually shoot kindergartners?  Man, if one of us hillbillies had been at that school when that idiot arrived, shooting…there’d be one less “tard” running around with a rifle and a heart beat and 20+ school boys and girls…going on to the lunch room after some commotion, just as usual, too, the way they always do at that same time!  We don’t need no legislated “no gun rules” to keep us from harming children!  We don’t prefer no “professional armed guards only” toting weapons in our schools, really, rarely ever in the right spot at the right time, unable to handle what someone might do to a group of kids!  Nope.  Our guns never hurt nobody – none of ‘em never used on “offense” (as would be required to harm an innocent person) – and they’ll never do that to nobody, too, neither!  That’s what guns are made for…America!  Defense only & hunting – in the woods!

If it’s suddenly not O.K. to have our defense protection devices, cuz some nuts done stupid things with theirs or the ones they stole…then nary a Law is gonna protect from that, and especially, not here!

7. Liberals also have an Agenda – so “what they say is not what they really mean” (supporting that Agenda behind the words) – and failing to see this is just falling for the subterfuge!  Again,  Deception is so darn difficult to detect – that’s why they call it “deceiving”!

8. Politicians will always have the Guns that they take away from you today!  Think about this. Our elite human superiors – called Politicians – are going to be making rules that limit “we” underlings (as they always do), while elevating themselves to being “above the law”!  It’s the way it always is; nothing about that changes except in this case we are talking about the “right to own firearms”!  That’s a HUGE difference in what these “elites” can do vs. what “we” normals are allowed/controlled to do, and this is “too much power” differential between “we” and “they” in this realm!  It will change the way the entire nation functions – understand this on the front end (and they don’t want “us” to understand this, believe me) or not!  It is inappropriate to allow this to now occur – which is why there was and still is a “2nd Amendment” the way it was intended!


Excellent References on this Topic – added daily: