TOP 100 Progressive Left AmeriKan Piss Off’s: 1-20

1. Humanism.  The self-idol delusion that “there is no God” or that there are more gods than just the One, all solutions being possible – by Human effort – is a forewarned disaster, yet the U.S. (of all nations) has refused to respect or acknowledge our Creator – the God of Abraham!  Very stupid move, and we will pay for this with our entire nation and many lives misled and lost as a direct reflection of this false belief.

It's not just a "good idea" - it's the very Constitution or literal makeup of the entire nation!

It’s not just a “good idea” – it’s the very Constitution or literal makeup of the entire nation!

2. Government Disrespect and Disregard for the Constitution!  Such is our own government’s lack of respect for our own stated Rights…which now approaches the point of tyranny, truly.  I, like Marc Levin, am just sick of it & can’t stand it for what it is…which is tyranny!

3. All levels of Abusive Government - Federal, State, County – all – especially when acting corrupt, as now when so many in these ranks act so arrogant and controlling over those they are supposed to serve, and do not!  I have seen my State (in more than one “division” or “agency”) fully abuse both the positions they held as well as the ones they openly felt were “underneath them” (i.e. us!). The levels of arrogance, insolence, superiority, power abuse, dysfunction, and on and on, that I personally have witnessed…would make anybody hate their own government!  I don’t hate it, but I do hate the behaviors of many involved in it – and I also know “they” must be highly monitored in their jobs (which they are not now, at all) just in order to keep them from abusing their power, absolutely!  We have a very sick system – just because of this type abusive behavior going on, all over, no doubt!

House of Corruption

House of Corruption

4. Lying & Corrupt Politicians.  The Arrogance of this breed of Jerks is increasingly intolerable.  This essentially means any presence of any Politician and especially any one with a wagging tongue.  I mean, if these spoiled brats did anything close to a “good job,” well, maybe we could excuse their selfish, arrogant, haughty behaviors?  The fact they don’t have any “good jobs” coming, and they’re killing every one of us by their neanderthal behaviors…means we need to slam these Jerks in every way now!  The Lying alone is enough; all the rest is “beyond the pail”!

5. Bad Behaviors. Though this has not been recognized by many in this nation, it is THE ONE CORE ISSUE that roots all the rest!  If we ever get the “fix our problems” correct, it will BEGIN from this one point…and go forward!  Mark my words!

Money comes in...and I spend it on myself and stuff I wants!

Money comes in…and I spend it on myself and stuff I wants!

6. Racism. Truly, this is an issue that seems to never die!  Yes, there are “racists” in America.  No, not everybody is “racist”…if they disagree with a black person or even if they become angry at “them” (this “them” mostly being called out by “them” as they seem to never let this issue rest, everything becoming “racism” if they wish to get back at a “whitey” nowadays) for any reason.  FACT: Every person is exactly the same – below the surface/skin/color – and the only important thing about our entire planet of “God created human beings” (i.e. all of them)…is “Behaviors” and how we all do on that level (as in #5 above).

7. Affirmative Action & Reverse Descrimination.  Why don’t we just try this? Best man or woman gets the position – no “color of your skin” involved!  “They” say they want it this way, yet (and I have nothing against “Black People” due a thing to do with their “skin color”) “they” keep bringing this race thing and this black color thing on up!  It must be that “they” are the real “racists” today…no?  Some of them, anyway…most are perfectly fine folk!  It’s time to grow up, Amerika!  Truth should be spoken and it should rule out the crap that most with an Agenda now speak – manipulating others, like Jesse Jackson, the creep!

8. Lies & Liars - all of them – and the People who tell them.  Many make a living doing this, and they only get away with it because “we the people” allow it.  Stupid thing to allow, in my opinion…

9. Theft & Thieves - all types – esp. the People who expect and take “something for nothing” from anyone or anything, including the Government.

Didn't earn a bit of this myself - it all came from those I get to TAX to death, including a "death tax"!  Haha!

Didn’t earn a bit of this myself – it all came from those I get to TAX to death, including a “death tax”! Haha!

10. The U.S. Tax Thieving System - on the Amerikan People today.  The government spends too much money, and it takes like Robin Hood from all (even taxing those receiving Social Security & Unemployment Payments)…for what?  Uncle Sam is a thief!

11. Lying Media.  Truth isn’t good enough for nearly the entire Press Corp today.  No, they twist it and “re-invent it” to fit their biased Agendas.  Nice.  I don’t like liars though…

12. Pharmaceutical TV Commercials.  Why don’t we just let the guys and gals that trained for 1/2 their lives – the MD’s (only) – help us decide what Rx to take for what conditions again?  What a stupid Advertising Ploy – two tubs, “purple pills,” etc.  This is a sign of a VERY sick society, certainly!

13. No Offense to Anyone having Lost a Child, but “Northerners issuing their expected Emotionally Charged Desires on what should be (in their hurting eyes right now) the entire nation’s Proposed New “Gun Control Laws” – all now publically capitalized on by the “Left” in  the aftermath of something truly horrible (that fails to “authorize” any new laws, by the way) – today being given to a Nation that absolutely hates what happened to them and to their precious small children, is cause not for the rest of us to openly refrain from “going along with them (and the “Left”) now – just to keep from ‘disagreeing’ with their obvious pain” (which is the “P.C.” reason all this has been publically placed out there in just this specific way, thank you “Left” and Mr. Obama!)!   Fact is, those of us who can still think – above the drama – absolutely hate their stinking, ignorant views on “Guns” and what they wrongly feel will “fix their recent losses” (and this nation’s display of “public mass shootings”) at the same time!  For a fact, if you “Left” Northerners and your Northern “Left” Governments who all so brashly feel you know what the entire nation MUST DO now about a critical part of the actual U.S. Constitution, through what you are now doing  in all this Gun Control drama (I would say “debate” instead of “drama,” but there is no real “debate” in what we’ve seen – only “dictates” given by our now President imperial “dictator”!), every bit of that fails to change in the least the real truth about “how it all really works out here in the real world” – in relation to this very difficult truth, which by the way, is simply about the serious bad behaviors of so many in this nation’s emotionally sick creeps, within (i.e. “sick” such that this speaks exactly opposite to what you and your local/state governments are now making new “Gun Control” Laws saying you’re doing, essentially blaming “guns,” not to mention forwarding an Agenda by your Federal “Left” Government that many of “you” are too stupid to understand?)!  And if it were true that for one second anyone could truly guarantee this nation become free of future mass shootings – should we all agree to “more gun control” with all the new Laws and Regulations the “Left” want to institute all over us – then myself and many other good gun toting citizens would gladly turn ‘em all in” to you!  But, since you cannot nor could ever do this – with ANY TYPE OF New Gun Control Laws – then it’ll be a cold day in Hell when the rest of us out here (outside your little “Gun Control” Left Wing cheezy dramas) agree to dismantle the 2nd Amendment, as intended!  What this whole show shows those of us minding truth in this nation, is how truly errant and emotionally immature the “gun grabbing” nuts in this nation truly are today!  My fellow highly immature “Left” Politicians and PTSD victims…you’re doing the exact opposite to what should and needs to be done, which is “arm the good guys!”

National spokesperson for all Idiots, Liars, Gun Haters, Gun Toting Officials, Liberals, Loons, and all the rest...

National spokesperson for all Idiots, Liars, Gun Haters, Gun Toting Officials, Liberals, Loons, and all the rest…

Assault Rifles and 30 round clips are not the culprits in this situation; they don’t arrest the gun after any of these violent events, do they?  If we allow you to “de-weapon” this nation over what you must believe are these “horrible pieces of inanimate metal” called “guns” – then I might as well invite the Soviet Union and Iraq, not to mention Al Qaeda and ever hostile Muslim in the world, right on over to “come visit this nation” in a wave of bloody vengeance that “you Libs” probably just don’t “feel like” will ever happen, I bet, huh!

HINT: It’s not only the wrong solution to a very harsh, but real, problem; it’s the exact WRONG SOLUTION that will definitely damage this nation further…fast…as your president so strongly desires today, along with all his other stupid policies, ideas, free programs, increased taxes, more regulations, etc., etc., etc.!
GROW UP!  GUNS DON’T KILL – PEOPLE do the KILLing!  And I have the proof of all this, too – Nary the first “gun” has ever been arrested, post “mass shooting”!

And yes!  I need an AR because I just might have to “blow your head clean off” – if become a thug or one of many that for any reason (and you know who will and will not do this nowadays to any others, along with all the reasons they won’t do this, to you or to me, really?  You idiots!) shows up at my “castle” one 4am intending me personal harm, on purpose!  So, they get shot!  Big deal!  The gun owner didn’t cause this; they only “defended against it”…as anyone should…as the actual Bible tells us all to “take care of your family”…while guarding your own life…as you would do, too…if you don’t take that right away from us through your stupid idiot Gun Control Laws that you “feel” will “help the children” (you moron!) while that completely fails to work and you also completely fail to understand that Law and all it causes and implies, in actual reality!

Hey.  Read this to understand what’s wrong with today’s “Left”!  This is awesome!  Brandon Smith over at is doing some very good things – explaining “what’s really going on” in this declining nation now!

14.  Illegal Immigration.  Many have to go through the entire extraneous legal immigration nightmare – LEGALLY – while the ones who get here illegally, we LITERALLY (is that the new word for the Left’s “legally”?) discuss in the open as desiring to “make a way for them to stay” (without having to do this – as per Law), really?  We’ve lost our minds & souls!

15.  Illegal Immigration & the U.S. official response to I.I. (and as with many things – there are “two things” that go right along with the 1st)

Orwell's Truth Statement

Guess what the Truth spoken about this will do – Confronting this issue – to anyone speaking that Truth?

16. Financial Malfeasance (by Politicians) - Congressional & WH over-spending on “entitlements” the U.S. is not able to pay, not to mention the Debt which is different

17. Financial Malfeasance (by Politicians) & the U.S. official response to this… (and as with many things – there are “two things” that go right along with the 1st)

18. Police States.  Especially, the unnecessary ones where the Government begins to use this to take illegitimate control over a “free people”.  Strike any bells?  Welcome to AmeriKa, where the “War on Drugs” today is but one reason our present socialist Government Tyrants are now taking too much charge…

19. Uneducation - despite overspending on Education AND the inability to get anything worth while out of our expensive Education System!  (& the illegitimate response to this, which is deceptive)

Here...let's give away some more money to more who refuse to work for a living!

Here…let’s give away some more money to more who refuse to work for a living!

20. Entitlement Minded Progressive (Voting) AmeriKans!  Make no mistake about it – the “47%” that has been so-called “those receiving a government check” – who are “on the dole” and in no mood to vote against the hand that feeds them, obviously – is  BIG PROBLEM in this declining nation today!  It is WRONG!