...and "we the people" just want to keep a little ole' AR-15?  Seems fair to me!

…and “we the people” just want to keep a little ole’ AR-15? Seems fair to me!

Unbelievable!  Here come the Gun Grabbers now!  Just like the bunch of opportunist Hyenas they all are!  Look at what another California-Senator (and don’t they out on the West coast all have their acts so together nowadays – huh!) is now trying to do to the U.S. Constitution and the entire nation as a whole of “free people” (who aren’t that “free” anymore) today!  Let’s ban all sorts of things that have zip to do with the real reasons behind these “mass shootings” today! Let’s take advantage of something that has high drama all over it – Sandy Hook – and call it something it is not!  This is called “Subterfuge,” fellow Hillbillies!  It’s a secret lie that serves a different purpose – than what it actually is, which is kept secret for the ulterior purpose, here, of “Gun Control”!  Subterfuge is a clever tool of those trying to manipulate a lesser knowing group…called the U.S. average (uneducated) Citizen!  Such is one price to our highly uneducated society today, unfortunately…but nobody’s talking about this, are they!

Educate yourself & your entire family - see and study the matrix (original 1st episode)!

Educate yourself & your entire family – see and study the matrix (original 1st episode)!

The current gub-ment pushed Gun Control subterfuge is not dissimilar to what the movie the matrix reveals – to (only) those who “have an eye to see or an ear to hear”.  The Left’s plan to “take advantage of any crisis” today…or to have you just “not understand the real meaning of what they now do”…is just like any attempted deception on another party (no pun intended), really.  What is said is not what is meant – underneath.  What is seen on the surface is only a rouse, a facade, while the real stuff underneath goes unnoticed by most in the recipient crowd of suckers.  And it takes Idiots – a lot of them – within our “Idiocracy” today to do this unto, too!  That’s where YOU come in, huh?  (smile)

So today what the Left tells “us” is NOT what they really have up their sleeves. No, that would spoil the surprise.  The media stories are, as well, only what they appear to be doing on the surface, every bit of it maintaining all that is “pure P.C.” always.  It’s like the plot through the matrix that at least in the movie you are shown all that exists “behind the curtain of the matrix,” unlike in today’s U.S. Politics,which for most who view the movie is but a highly misunderstood plot that “doesn’t make sense” to everyone today.  Such would be very typical in a nation full of Sheeple, no?

Sheeple - just a bunch of gentle sheep - or is there more to it - as in wolves amongst the sheep(le)?

Sheeple – just a bunch of gentle sheep – or is there more to it – as in wolves amongst the sheep(le)?

Speaking of Sheeple, in our nation today it’s not just a boat load of innocents that make up our “Sheeple” majority.  No, there are those in the Sheeple category – Left Wing, mostly young, half educated (though with all the fancy degrees & smart mouths), half not – that all Vote like “Sheeple” out there today, intending to save the world with all their vast human knowledge & muddy understanding.  Neither the school “educated” nor the uneducated can see beyond their own pride, usually, and certainly they fail to see behind the perpetrated facades of all those Left Wing “progressive” plans of shifting everybody to a more advanced society!  So, when they hear the Left Wing speaking, they still totally believe it’s all about just what they say it’s about (i.e. they wouldn’t lie to us)…on any given topic…and so forth.  It’s like a school of stupid fish; they all buy into the same B.S. and they certainly refuse to be open to either wisdom or reason on all topics today.  Likewise, the visible patterns of dysfunctional behaviors in the Media and all throughout the Left Wing Idiocratic Party go seriously unnoticed by this majority of “voting sheeple” today, as everyday, while the delusions grow bigger and bigger by each “progressive” expanding dysfunctional day, too.  Fact: Delusions are horrible things, esp. if you’re the one being deluded, huh?  (None of this will make any sense to you if you are are one of these being deluded, as explained.)  Oh, and within the “Sheeple/Sheep, Sheepdogs & Wolves” anecdote…if you are the ones playing the others with your perpetrated “delusions”…you would be a set of “wolves” we now have to contend with that are now in power.  Thus, the reason we need more “Sheepdogs” (carrying guns and brains) in our present highly deluded society, too!

Wolves. It’s the way manipulative liars operate all over the world today; especially in U.S. Politics…and only few seem to “get it” (i.e. Sheeple able to see through to the truth & those running the country playing by honest rules of play)…because the ones that don’t get it (Sheeple) or who refuse to “get it” (Politicians) have some pretty simple reasons why they play along refusing the truth within the system today, too.

Let’s list the ways this is so.  They [Sheeple and/or our Wolf Politicians] don’t get it/don’t & won’t play honestly because:

1) …they don’t want to get it.  It’s not about the surface things or issues the Left talks about; they create a surface topic to operate underneath by, that underneath issue being their real Agenda in this case being to “disarm the nation” & destroy the 2nd Amendment!  It’s also always “about the power & money…”  The “Power” goes to the Politocrats, while the “Money” goes to the “vote your pocketbook” uneducated, immature, vote Left Democrats!  It’s pay for their votes, basically, but too, the Money also goes back to these Politocrats – they benefit by all this through Power & Control & Money – it’s a game where they win, win, win!  All they have to do is keep the Lies going, which they are more than happy to do…up there on the Hill!

Whether you reside on the receiving end of “freebies” (i.e. those sucking off the system as through “entitlements”) or as the exponentially more lucrative end of this scam (i.e. the present dishonest enriching system in D.C. for all these political clowns and their own families), it becomes easy to “not get it”…or the game would end for you.  (Hint: There’s a game behind the visible Politics that we see, and it has to do with “the money,” every time!)  Politicians that get lots of kick-backs from Lobbyists, many of whom are their own relatives (occupying these lobbyist positions – as it becomes a great big nefarious “family business” up there in Washington these days!  [See "Boom Town" that aired on Fox's Hannity this past 1.25.13 - http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/hannity/index.html & http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2013/01/25/New-York-Times-Highlights-Hannity-Boomtown-Cronyism-Special).  This stuff will make your blood boil!]

2) …they say, “Everybody else is doing it!” (So they have to, too…whether it be taking money from the gub-ment for being “poor” through entitlements…or if you’re a fat cat Politician up there “having to do it because everybody else does it” while you “play the game” like everybody else, trying to make it or rise in power in the Washington, DC system of corruption!)  You know how this works…it’s the ole’ saying your momma used to say.  “Just because everybody else is doing something, that doesn’t mean you can do it, too!”  Only trouble is, these clowns are so entitled and impressed with themselves, they turned this 180 degrees around so for them it’s “do it just like everybody else is doing it” – because as a (System Dependent or) Politician today, you can get away with anything you want to get away with – when it’s the stinking norm!  And the trouble is, “we” the “sheeple” let ‘em get away with it now, too!  (See #4 below) Reason: Uneducation, Evil, Ignorance, and to, all “we” seem to be interested in today is “what do ‘we’ get out of it ourselves” now, wherever we sit in the siphon system?  It’s a sick nation, indeed!

3) …they are often hired by these BIG CORPORATIONS to be “on their Boards”…once their careers in Washington are over.  It’s the way these Big Corporations must use these retired Politicians to “have an in” they now feel into the Washington Powerful Elite System of Corruption that goes on, as they say, “to survive” in today’s business world, overall!  Isn’t this interesting!  You have to be corrupt to make it now in our everyday business world – outside Washington, D.C.!  What does that say about our nation today?

4) …”We the People…” don’t make them play honest in all their dealings today.  “We the People” fail to do this because “we” live in a bubble of fantasy and don’t even know as a nation any longer how to behave or act appropriately – when crisis comes!  This now includes situations (i.e. most) when most Amerikans are just helpless, such that truth and fact aren’t known to these “mass idiots” we now raise in this nation – because Truth just wasn’t that important for “us” to now – in our recent past!  Today’s Amerikan’s act like this – if it doesn’t directly affect us, “we” pretend whatever it is, it doesn’t exist or we just ignore it all…yes, we go out and make asinine declarations about those issues, as if we know better!  It’s truly disgusting, and here is one example where those at NBC (who know absolutely nothing about “Guns” or “how to protect themselves” – short of hiring for themselves body guards, I’m sure): http://www.mrc.org/biasalerts/nbc-liberal-panel-freaks-out-over-sheriff-telling-people-arm-themselves

5) …today’s Media is in the bag for the Left, almost entirely!  The whole Gun Debate sham is so obvious how our Media is failing the test to hold their “unbiased” neutral position of openly investigating the lies all those within the system openly tell!  The fact our Media won’t do this, well… it’s slimy!  Bernard Goldberg certainly has it right on this today!  He opened up and told the truth about his own profession – the Media Bias – and why!  He has been ousted by his own profession, too, for daring to do this, as well.  (Who says there’s no cost in standing up for what’s right today?  Many have lost all they had in this sick nation as they did this!)  This Media Bias is a “checks and balance” system in our Political World that now fails us, miserably!  It perpetrates lies within the system by complicit behaviors amongst the two “professions,” Politicos and today’s Media, while it directly benefits that corrupt Left Media so easily today, too!

6) …there’s that one final group that “not seeing it” benefits so clearly, which are all those now sucking off the system in the general population!  Gee-wizz!  It’s so hard to “see the truth” about all their own lies – including the way they always “vote themselves a hand out” along the way – because it’s so hard to stop any process that tends to hand to you “free money” or “entitlements” while also allowing you not to work or do anything to earn those monies – duh!  Romney was right!  That “47%” isn’t going to be reachable – by the Right Wing Party that believes in working for a living instead of sucking off the system!

It’s all definitely about Truth (the Red Pill) vs. swallowing all the Lies (the Blue Pill comes with) – my gracious, those “colors” there are a stunningly accurate thing, are they not?  [Red = Conservative or even "Liberty Party" issues concerned with "being able to see" past the lies, while being concerned with Truth vs. Blue = Dems only concerned with the "D"eceptions they perpetrate all over "us" (not to mention themselves/"Boom Town") today!]  All this is coincidentally the open planning strategy of the “progressive left party” of our nation’s Loony Left Liberals (L3) today, as well!  It’s about Power & Control, just as any Socialist Central Politbureau always is. Funny how that all works out that way, isn’t it?  Not really, because today they don’t even try to hide it much anymore – the Amerikan Sheeple so easily fall for it all now anyway!  It’s all just “hidden in plain sight” to a public that is either so willing to take the money and run (for no work to earn it) or because that uneducated public is now so blind to it all, it sitting right in front of them doesn’t even ring any bells of “uh oh” anymore…and so “we” have become such the “progressive” nation today, haven’t we!  The cliff in the river (i.e. waterfall) is coming just down river – around the next bend – while we can even hear the loud falling water ahead – yet, we do nothing to try to save ourselves now?  How amazing!  “We” be so stupid nowadays, we don’t even know enough to stop that which is about to kill us!  We call this being very “uneducated”; some call it just plain stupid!  They call it “gub-ment control” by “taking care of ‘you’” now – taking away all your rights & responsibilities, as a citizen!  It all reminds me of a T-shirt I once saw; it said, “Rest Assured – No One Cares!“  So true…

If you “vote left,” primarily, you vote for the better of the two groups of both liars & manipulators today…or didn’t you know that? You’re certainly voting for a more centrally-controlled Russian-style system that takes away from the “non-elite” (i.e. the non-privileged, political types) while giving more power to the Politico’s in our time ! (Personally, I’m not real proud of the “Right” today either; they do their own share of lying and manipulating, obviously.  Many say “they are both almost the same party today – voting and acting in tandem, really, right there within a few steps of each other, one after another, fussing and fighting about everything they encounter, creating for “us” what has become this useless diversion that often takes away from what could be, and should be, their real work on something important…which goes lacking most of the time now!  This is another lie we’ve fallen for today, unfortunately; these “idiocrats” waste so much money it is sickening – you know, like there’s no tomorrow – which their may not be, in fact – while we work our little serf asses off paying them and for all their wasteful manipulations of their slimy business all over us!  Once you see the Fox broadcast “Boom Town” you should be as disgusted as I now am, at them!  One then has to ask, who are the real idiots in this “idiocracy” today – them or us?  Answer: US!  We put up with it…and “we” should not, too!  But that’s another story for another day, isn’t it…) 

So, it’s hard to disagree with all this if you watch close enough to all “their” overall selfish behaviors!  You do have to have a better understanding of what these “behaviors” actually are though – if you wish to understand how manipulated and lied to “we” all are these days, however.  Unfortunately, most Amerikans are unable to see or understand this very clearly today.  It’s a very sick nation we have running here, quite obviously…once you can see the truth in operation, that is.)

Political Left uses "progressive" lies & manipulations to enslave all those they control - that'd be YOU, Mr. & Mrs. Amerikan!

Political Left uses “progressive” lies & manipulations to enslave all those they control – that’d be YOU, Mr. & Mrs. Amerikan!  See Brandon Smith’s www.alt-market.com

So, the Left keeps their “progression” into insanity today mostly clear of the average Amerikan’s conscientiousness & understanding.  The Gun Control debate is another case for this tactic – see our “Gun Control” page on this blog.

Nice set of serial delusions really, especially because they tend to work to achieve their primary goal, which will be U.S. Gun Confiscations  (as already accomplished in Australia, England, and all the rest, world round).  With the present Gun Control delusion, their tactic just is: Let’s use the public emotional drama of all those killed kindergartners (I know, you can’t believe anyone would actually do that political type maneuver, right? Wrong!) to now ban things (i.e. guns) that, if they get this cone, will serve to seriously limit, diminish, encroach upon, twist, demonize and then begin this age old refueled “progressive” desire at a U.S. Gun Grab – ALL guns, eventually!  Kid yourself not – they’ve wanted just that now for decades!  And make no mistake about this entire issue, here, your over-controlling gub-ment wants “total control” over you as a U.S. Citizen today, too.  The most critical step in this process is taking away the guns, and it would be no huge step to controlling ALL guns, from taking just these initial “first few”…whether you understand this today, or not.  In fact, they would prefer you not understand this today, too.

Obamacare - it's going to be a rough ride - my fellow AmeriKans!

Obamacare – it’s going to be a rough ride – my fellow AmeriKans!

It’s just like “Obamacare” – it’s about “total gub-ment control” via subterfuge over something much larger than what you’ll ever be told upfront – “you” not understanding until it’s far too late “what just happened” – my fellow Amerikan hillbillies!  Oh, and it should matter to you that this is definitely their true underlying desires – for all “we” Amerikans today – because these new Gun Control Laws are meant to control the majority of all “we” Law-abiding Citizens’ (i.e. those the Laws will hit hardest are entirely innocent of any criminal activity, probably out in your society helping to protect you as Sheepdogs often do, you bunch of clueless Sheeple); these new highly restrictive Gun Control Laws apply to “We the People…” who own only peaceful & peace-loving (and maybe even some ole “peacemakers”) defensive firearms – none of which have been or would ever be used against “the children” or any innocent humans, by the way!  Hello!  This stuff is literally in the U.S. Constitution, folks, and it IS your personal Rights to have and to hold – much like a good wife, that now the Feds are talking about taking away from you!  It’s not just some new Law about traffic on our highways, regulating cars or speed limits or some minor deal as that!  No, what they want to do with this new “Gun Control” issue is open the door for more control and less hardware on down the line!  Think of it like this (if losing your wife didn’t do it for you), it’s as if they are now going to mandate that “all front doors on all U.S. houses now will become unlawful” to have on any house!  Why?  Because for some reason a door somewhere caused a child’s death, let’s say.  So, all “doors are dangerous” and must come off your home!  Now, because of these stupid new Laws, your entrance to your homes – both front and back doors, remember – will now remain “open” to the public and to the street, at all times – you are forbidden to have one, in this case this being a “door”!  So, anyone can walk right on into your domain, day or night, while you are there or away, your entryways by Law now being left entirely open & un-defended, etc.!  What’s the difference with the coming “no guns allowed” Law?   Answer: Very little!

Piers Morgan - the CNN Gun Control smart ass - working to take all your Guns away, and he openly states it clearly!

Piers Morgan – the CNN Gun Control smart ass – working to take all your Guns away, and he openly states it clearly!

Listen to the words of what the Dems say today; they’ll occasionally give it away – what they’re up to.  Piers Morgan openly states how he would “take all the guns away in the U.S.” just like his own country of England did in recent times!  This Britt knows best for all “We the People…” too!

Key phrases keep the Left’s Lies going, apparently, are: “We don’t want to put more guns on the street, do we?”  This becomes one of those you can’t answer this question but one way or you get caught in our trap type manipulations.  Their other set up question or statement goes like this: “We have to do this for the children (of Sandy Hook) now!”  And if you answer that any way but, “Of course we do…” then you have to answer to how the Left intentionally places you, as a “gun owner” into the same category as all those mass shooters, too!  And then my favorite line is: “We have to do something now…” (even if it’s wrong).  No, we don’t.  But it would be best if we ID’d the problem correctly and worked to resolve the true issues – instead of the Left’s manipulative Agenda’s to move toward “One World Government” and total “Central Power & Control” over the New AmeriKa!

Lies & not so clever Manipulations like we now here are how the Left will operate more in the future, as usual, because Amerika is so illiterate and immature to swallow it…whole.  The only thing that combats this deceptive manipulation is the Truth, which is the following: 1) The Gun had no consciousness in these incidents, 2) The only problem in this entire mess is how insane some Amerikans have become – “it’s about Behavior” therefore – this being a problem with no quick fixes – so the Left can’t make their Agenda work, nor can they “fix it” like they want you to think they can, as they deem themselves to be “all powerful” in all their Humanistic ways of play god today, etc.
3) To do the following in a crisis – “don’t just sit there, do something!” – is to bring on an even bigger problem out of chaos!  Everyone knows it’s not acceptable to “do something…anything” in the middle of a “situation”.  Why don’t we know this now?  Answer: It’s the Uneducated Immature Drama that now runs this nation…down.  This is just more of it!

US-POLITICS-ECONOMYListen, as well, to Sen. Feinstein’s display of how she carried firearms everywhere she went – “because I felt the need to do this” – back when her husband was going through some illness a decade ago or more, and now, too, she carries even when she goes “on airplanes” (how the hell did she get that Air Marshall’s license?  Answer: She is one of the Privileged Powerful Elite that the Laws just don’t apply to, isn’t she)!  Fact: Our “leaders” get to do things we are not allowed to do, by them – they not having to obey the very Laws they put in place all over “us” today – or didn’t you know this?  And, as predicted with the new Gun Control Law Sen. Feinstein placed before Congress, the entire thing excludes “all government officials” from everything in her new Gun Ban – or didn’t you know this either?

It's not just a "good idea" - it's the very Constitution or literal makeup of the entire nation!

It’s not just a “good idea” – it’s the very Constitution or literal makeup of the entire nation!

Common Sense & Logic it is not!  We are told it is all those guns that are so evil today – new Laws needing to be enacted to have only these inanimate objects (that automatically shoot without will) needing to be over-”controlled” to the point that “you can’t have these” dangerous objects anymore!  Dems claim this is necessary “for the children”!  Sure it is!  How convenient to their underlying disarming cause, too. Liars. Don’t you believe it?  They said it.  It must be so.  They’d never lie to you, would they?  Everything they tell you is the whole truth & nothing but the truth, so help them God, right?  Duh!  (How come all their noses are longer this year than last year, too?)  They want you to believe, as well, how all these guns – now on this list, posted below – serve no real purpose out there in the public today, anyway.  They are “military” and “for killing humans” only, they say; “no one needs more than 10 bullets to kill a deer!”…one idiot Governor keeps claiming.   Hint: The 2nd Amendment is NOT about “killing deer” or “hunting,” Mr. Cuomo!   It’s about the power to “kill human beings” – just like that “more than 10 bullets” might actually be needed to do – period!  What they don’t ever address is that, “yes, we Amerikans might actually have to kill humans someday, called Tyrants,” possibly akin to what our own gub-ment does on the other side of the pond so often today, too!  Oh yes.  This is what the 2nd Amendment is supposed to cover…or didn’t you know this?  Guns would be the ultimate freedom pathway – in tyrannical times – but we won’t talk about that word too much here, now – it has too close a meaning to what’s exactly going on in the “DC,” now, doesn’t it!

Best defense against a Gang!

Best defense against a Gang or Invasions or Tyranny!

Also, there are other real reasons for having guns today!  It is fact in Amerika, we’ve had no “Red Dawn” invasion, to date.  The reason for this is guess what?  Guns!  “Amerikans own guns!”  It’s long been reason why no invading army or force has chosen to attempt to do things to “us” that would be against our wills – or didn’t you know how powerful this “we have guns” 2nd Amendment issue really is?  FACTOID: WWII – the Japanese told us “later” how they chose “not to invade” the “us” – just because of this GUNS issue!  “Everybody has guns in the U.S.,” they said!  Well, Duh!  “We the People” have (for now) that awesome 2nd Amendment right that allows just this for “us,” and the world knows this all too well, too!  NEVER FORGET THIS, fellow Hillbillies!  That’s what your Politicians on the Left want taken away from you; they want you eviscerated of your guns, Amerika!  What you should ask is “Why?”  Hint: There is a reason that they’re not telling you!  Or, are you one that believes everything these rats say today is true?  If so, you need to get educated in the truth; you need to understand what a “sheep” is vs. a “wolf”!  [See: "On Sheep, Wolves & Sheepdogs!] You need to ed-u-ma-cate yourself on just exactly what your elected officials do in how they operate behind the scenes today!  It’s not what you’re shown, or told, lemming heads!  In any case, “we” ought  NEVER allow this “gun grab” to happen – to “us” – today!

Per the “Finkelstein” Gun Grab/Confiscation, unless this first list of so-called “bad guns” is put on their new “Federal Registry” (so they can have them fully ID’d, located, tagged to each Citizen now owning each one & then held fully responsible for it down the line to a tyrannical gub-ment, unable to sell your possessions then freely, all soon to be under their “full control” by so doing – as all guns should be, they believe – next pending “confiscation” under a future “must do” Law in the coming gub-ment notice of more “Gun Control” soon)!  Yep. You’re about as “free” as a fish in a small fish tank, aren’t you!

More Gun Control.  Why is this really happening now?  What’s the real “subterfuge” going on here?  Easy answer – because your gub-ment wants to take advantage of the “mass shootings” when they happen, when emotions are running high & most deluded Amerikans will “vote it in themselves”!  Sneaky trick, huh?  And, of course, your gub-ment knows so much better than any of “us” out here today, and they want more power and total control over both you and me, as well!  That’s the Socialist U.S.S.A. new policies we’re now being put under – or didn’t you know this?  Obama is King now, and we are his subjects!  He alone feels a level of power that is dangerous to anyone thinking different – than this Islamic Marxist – or didn’t you know this?  All those over us in the gub-ment give “us” dictates now – to be followed!  Drink the dam Kook-aid, you stupid AmeriKans, or else!  (Hint: There are real “law breaking” consequences to these new Laws, my fellow hillbillies!)

Now, they believe they can do this – through the subterfuge of using the drama & emotions of all those “Sandy Hook” Victims, along with their deceased children!  Don’t believe me?  Get real and you will; it’s very true…see it or not.**  This way, the inanimate, non-aggressive, blobs of metal – called “guns” – just like the “automobile” itself involved in any “drunk driving” incident, having absolutely nothing to do with the guilty entity in those crimes (and never arrested in any DUI, by the way) – almost all of which have done nothing to attract this increased regulation, against them!  As well, not one of these “banned” weapons will serve to STOP or even hinder in the least (truth be known) any of the past nor any future (we pray won’t happen) “mass shooting” problems in this country!  FACT: IF THERE WERE MORE ARMED “SHEEPDOGS” ROAMING AROUND IN OUR SOCIETY – THAT WOULD BE “MORE ARMED CITIZENS”  FOR ALL YOU LIBERAL COONHEADS – THIS WOULD BE STOPPED FASTER IF IT OCCURRED IN THE FUTURE AT ALL, AS WELL!  Also, this new “proposed ban” gives the government more power (like they need that now – as most anyone knows you don’t give “more power” to a bully, or to something that has abused the already “too much power” they have today, already!), which  damages each U.S. Citizen (law abiding & without aggression toward others, most are today) from being able to protect themselves and their own families, from now on!

We Demand You Agree!

We Demand You Agree with us and DRINK our Kook-aid!



Obama has said (as have all on the Loony Left, post Sandy Hook, do note), “If we can save just one child [by enacting more "Gun Control" Laws], then we have to try!  Those poor children!”*  What he and they mean is they “…have to try SOMETHING…” even if it does not work and even if they don’t know that it will even help!  In other words, they get to “do something” (even if it’s wrong) to ADVANCE THEIR HIDDEN AGENDA ON “GUN CONTROL” now – through the taking advantage through manipulation of a “crisis” from which they gain only by “milking it” through the drama of using those who were harmed in the process, and they do this through subterfuge!  Many Media Moguls have spoken about just this, but they remain in the minority – and on the Right Conservative Wing of all Politics – go figure!

"How Dare You!"  It was an awesome lecture to all Gun Control Liberals who now LIE and MANIPULATE the Truth - to create Subterfuge abusing Survivors & Victims of Sandy Hook Massacre!

“How Dare You!” It was an awesome lecture to all Gun Control Liberals who now LIE and MANIPULATE the Truth – to create Subterfuge abusing Survivors & Victims of Sandy Hook Massacre!

*“How Dare You!”
The Left likens any “gun owner” like you to be just like the “shooters” in this current ongoing “Gun Control” total deception!  Some Left Nut Jobs say it’s just a matter of time before “you” will start killing innocent people with your guns, too!  For those relatively few in the U.S. who understand what the “Gun Grabbers” are up to, the truth about what they’re doing is this: They are manipulating the Sandy Hook School Massacre – all the Survivors included – for their dramatic, undeniable, displayable emotional pain (i.e. the Left is taking advantage of these persons, fully) that can be used to push forward the old “Gun Control” AGENDA!  It remains “hidden” as an Agenda, in just this way, because what this is is UNCONSCIONABLE in every way – to take advantage of those in this level of misery, just to get done your increased government central control, disarming the public, anti-constitution political power move…through this type of SUBTERFUGE!  Shame on all Democrat Gun Control advocates!  There is nothing lower on the planet – other than a bus full of “Lawyers” (oh yes, there is that…) – than a group of greasy, slimy Politicians (many of whom are so self-deluded through through their own Power they may have even convinced themselves that they are “doing right” – “for the children” – but of course)!  Iggh!  Detestable in so many ways are the ways of a lying, manipulating, thieving, stealing (your freedom) Politicians!!

**Blind people can’t see.  Most of Amerika is blind today – to the realities of what lies are now being perpetrated all over “us”.  It’s a not so clever strategy that we see in action often now; the inability of most Amerikans to understand the truth of any situation (because we Amerikans decided long ago that “truth” wasn’t important, after all) makes it easy for those who want to fool “us” to do this, so fast now!  Add to this the fact most Amerikans have lived their basically hedonistic, lazy lives – without anyone confronting anything they wanted to do for so long now – that when danger now approaches, our defenses are down!  We can’t see it!  The danger is camouflaged well enough, and “we” aren’t even looking for anything to “get us,” such that WE miss it entirely now!  It’s sort of funny to those of “us” sheepdogs out here that can see it…if it weren’t so dangerous to “us” now!

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It's time to regroup the Ole' Republic, friends...!!

It’s time to regroup the Ole’ Republic, friends…!!

Judge Jeanine Pirro – Fox News – “How Dare You!”