Talk to the Barrel...

Talk to the Barrel…Mr. Criminal!

Need to learn how to shoot a shotgun?
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Most City Dwellers need this.  When it comes to protecting their homes and their families, so many “City Dwellers” don’t have the option of using a shotgun today!  I know…you don’t need this, you’ll say.  I know so many who live as “City Dwellers” today – and we feel sorry for them, too!  They don’t even know their own need for “Security” today; their own bewildered perceived “security” is today just a news story away from becoming nationwide city riots & roving gangs!  Just because it hasn’t happened to you – or there, yet – doesn’t mean it won’t sneak up on you someday soon!  Why not “be prepared” for what looks like the inevitable in our future?

But, all those “City Dwellers” just weren’t raised around guns and cows and pigs and chickens.  Too bad!  Oh, how we hillbillies know this today!  (You ought to see them wandering around up here in the Smoky Mountains, on vacation, lost as gooses…especially when they get out of their fancy, often washed & waxed, expensive city cars!  Ha.  You’d think they came from Mars or something! Most wouldn’t even know how to change their own tires – if it weren’t for us hillbillies that occasionally stopped to help these poor folks!)

The most common mode of entry for today's criminal Home Invaders!
The most common mode of entry for today’s criminal Home Invaders!  Imagine the surprise when he enters to find the “blast” he’s fixing to have – at your house!

So, no.  Our neighborly “City Dwellers” are mostly left out in the security cold when it comes to being able to just protect themselves at their own homes.  They rely on “monitored alarm systems” (that go off so often in the Cities, the Police ignore such calls until they finish their whole plate of doughnuts – or didn’t you know that?) and their locked doors (that can be kicked in – the most common method of entry for a Home Invader, by the way – or didn’t you know that, too?  Note: You need our “Security Door Stopper System” & “Personal Home Security Plan” - if you live in a house today, too!), which fail most of the time, too.

Today, the average “City Dweller” is clueless about how to shoot or handle a live shotgun…and the Criminals know this!  This is sad, because the shotgun is the most reliable home defense weapon on the planet!  While not always the “top dog” in a gun fight (and we will go over all these details in our “Shotgun Classes”), the 12 guage shotgun is quite often the superior weapon for home defense, and every competent “City Dweller” ought to own one and be able to use it – in the middle of the night, especially!

What happens next - is up to you now!  It's time to "be prepared" - just like a real adult Boy Scout!

What happens next – is up to you now! It’s time to “be prepared” – just like a real adult Boy Scout!

Ask yourself this question – before it’s too late.  What price would you pay to have properly protected your family and your home from that unexpected HOME INVASION in the middle of the night?  Have you not been watching the local News?  This happens a whole lot more than you’d probably like to think it does – in your own neighborhood!  It’s time to get yourself protected!

Shotgun Hillbilly has seen the various ways many homeowners have chosen to try to protect themselves while at home, in the past.  Some of the ways we list here in our TOP 10 LIST:

1. House Alarms – monitored or not.
2. Dogs – we prefer “protection trained” Germans for the best of the best.
3. Motion Flood Lights.
4. Motion Driveway Alarms.
5. Strong Door Locks – can’t prevent entry always (or even often) with prepared criminals.
6. Window & Sliding Glass Door “Jam Sticks” – good till they break the glass?
7. Bedroom Door “Jail Bar Doors” – locking yourself inside your own bedroom so the Home Invader can’t get to you!
8. Pepper Spray – better than nothing; used if you’re afraid of guns…
9. Sleep with Special Forces Military Trained Personnel – that always sleep with one eye open!  But, if you can’t do this, then…most will choose to have and use:
10. SHOTGUNS – last but not least – better than Pistols – better than most any of the above, to be sure!  So, why not…

LEARN TO SHOOT A SHOTGUN – at our HILLBILLY RANCH & TRAINING CENTER!  It’s safe – it’s fun – it’s a real hoot – we guarantee it!

Shotgun Hillbilly Trainers are experts with a gun - see!
Shotgun Hillbilly Trainers are experts with a gun – or two – see!

Our top SHOTGUN HILLBILLIES have over 50 yrs each of “gun experience” in the East Tennessee – North Carolina – Virginia – Kentucky Mountain areas!  That’s “each” there fellow hillbillies!  I believe we can handle your SHOTGUN TRAINING today – if you wish us to, that is!  You can’t shoot a shotgun at a “City Shooting Range,” after all!

Come get trained with us today.  It’s fun!  It’s exciting!  Heck Fire, it’s plain overwhelming for some – especially, if they’ve never shot a gun before (because they came from and lived in the city all their miserable lives – oops!)!  We’ll make sure your experience is one worth “writing home about,” too!

SPECIAL THIS MONTH: 10% OFF with your valid, “used” CHURCH BULLETIN – for  Single Home Dwellers – Grandma’s – Single Mothers (with or without kids in the house, but not at the range – special teaching required (no extra cost) for situations where “children are present” at your home) – and well, just about anybody who we feel is “special” this month, too, really!

BRING YOUR OWN SHOTGUN or borrow one of ours!  We’ve even been known to meet you at your favorite gun store to buy your own, there, fellow hillbillies!  Today, it’s not that hard to do – if’n you wanna!

WARNING: Home Invasions are on the rise today everywhere (see Blog Post on this topic coming soon).  You need to be able to protect yourself and your family at home!

SHOTGUN LESSON PRICES: $299 – $899* (depending on our Time – 2 hr minimum SOLO training – and depending on your Attention Span; one, two & three day “lessons” available) per Hillbilly Supervision Teaching.
*Trips with you to the Gun Store or to your own Home – for Security Evaluations & Planning can be VERY valuable to you, but do obviously tend to Increase Costs, as well.

SEND us an EMAIL to – “” – begin interactive process to inquire and set up Shotgun Teaching Sessions, etc.  Or, call us on our temporary line today: 615-947-5095
(Most reliable method of contact is EMAIL:

CLASS ROOM INSTRUCTION: We begin with instruction on exactly what you will be able to handle, along with what type “gun tools” you should have as your SHOTGUN – the thinking behind the person holding the gun, the “perp’s” thinking that you probably haven’t thought about just yet, the (external) mechanics of how your shotgun works, the actual function of your own gun (on the inside – just a little), and then, the serious dangers that the business end of this extreme weapon can do to anyone caught in the firing blast of this awesome “tool”!   Before you have one of these awesome “tools” of self-protection and personal “liberty maintenance,” you MUST understand more than just “how to pull the trigger” to be safe with this “tool” in your home, or anywhere.  We teach it all – from stem to stern – while allowing you to have fun, with serious judgment and safety about all this 1st, always!

RANGE SHOOTING: Once familiar with your shotgun and all it requires for you to be safe, we will be shooting at live targets (human volunteers) on the live fire range!  If you can hit a real person here; you can hit a real person at your own home!  JUST JOKING, of course!  THERE IS NO LIVE TARGETS at this location, and you will only shoot at our “man paper targets” and hanging buckets and “things” at the SHOTGUN HILLBILLY RANCH RANGE, we promise!