All purchases at “Shotgun Hillbilly” go to help with our operating expenses.  We consider within this set of “expenses” our own support of this area’s poor, disabled, orphaned, hungry & widowed.  Your purchases go toward both.  Thanks for your help in keeping our mission going – it’s not all for just us!

Items to purchase on this site come with the following Disclaimers:

1. Secure Transactions. Our transactions need to be secure – you need to get the product intended, and we need to secure your payment.  In the present times, as a business, we have had to learn all that this “transaction” involves – not all of it “fun” or “happy”.  What am I talking about?  Unfortunately, much of the underbelly of it all (which you may never know or understand, we understand) in our present world causes any business to have to operate under certain internal rules or policies.  Our 1st interactive policies involves the former – you get what you order; we get the stated payment you agreed upon, upfront.  Nothing wrong with that.  Then…

2. No Refunds.  In almost all cases of “I want a refund…” it is an issue of what has been called “buyers remorse” post purchase.  You changed your mind.  Some claim (to augment this position), “I didn’t get what I ordered” or “The product I received is flawed…” in some way.  All in all, the reasons you want a “refund” really don’t matter; such a refund causes for any business (provided the business hasn’t sold you “junk” or truly, something of bad quality, etc.) a high cost of “handling” and “internal business costs” – all fruitless for all involved, work having to be done just to satisfy your emotional dysfunctions, basically.  For this reason, short of a real bilaterally agreed upon “refund” issue, which is to be rare…Shotgun Hillbilly has a policy of issuing “no refunds” very appropriately.

3. Privacy.  Though nothing illegal occurs at this business, there are reasons why much of what we do is kept “private”. If you cannot understand this – in today’s present unstable society – we are sorry.  But, for OPSEC reasons (I love that “prep” term!), we will NEVER forward your information on to another 3rd party; likewise, we intend “our information” not to become too public, as well.  Thanks for understanding this real and real dangerous issue – especially when SH addresses the highly sensitive issues we do today, online.

4. Taxes & Shipping.  We have to add this cost in to the final price of your products.  Really don’t have any choice, now do we?

5. Intellectual Information. “Knowledge is Power!”  Likewise, “information” and “know how” is of real value; this is the stuff most persons lack in so many ways, and too, this is what “schools” charge for – to educate you!  This being said, selling “information” in the form of “consults” and “books,” etc., SHOULD cost money!  The information – if true and if excellent – will be of great value to you and yours, for years to come!  As you pay for this type “information,” do not be upset at how expensive some of this might actually be – on the front end.  This “expert information” will pay you dividends for years to come!  Everybody has to pay for certain types of “information” – that elevates their lives into better areas!