e-mail us at: ShotgunHillbilly@yahoo.com

Reasons to Contact Us:
1. Classes we offer.  We teach “Shotgun Lessons” & “Home Protection“!
2. Items purchased off this site – soon to be posted – for Personal Security at Home.  (No Firearms Sold)
3. Coordinating Public Information & Events about “Supporting our Gun Rights” & “Personal Protection Rights” – in a society seemingly bent on over-controlling & over-regulating everything we now do – “for our own protection”.  Note: We at SH are not brainless in the realm of “Guns” today.  Despite our support of the 2nd Amendment, etc., we do not support without conscience the ability of all persons – especially given the large numbers of pure Idiots now alive in this country – to own and carry a dangerous firearm!  There ought to be limits on some due many reasons now, quite obviously!  Fact: You don’t have the “right to a gun” if you cannot handle that gun s-a-f-e-l-y and r-e-s-p-o-n-s-i-b-l-y, period!
4. Personal Security Issues - Due our experience in the area of “personal protection,” we do offer email based and real life “security assessments” for those in genuine need of this service. Our team is highly confidential, thoroughly experienced in “home security,” and quite capable of improving your home security situation on just a single assessment visit or interaction, most likely.  And since “it only takes once” for a criminal or terrorist to “ruin your life,” this service is becoming HIGHLY necessary – especially to all those “Cityfolk” we’ve seen out there in that crowd, just sitting there like a great big “duck”!  That’d be the same thing as a “huge target” for those of you who don’t know how vulnerable you really are already today!  Most in this nation NEED our help – to begin to “keep safe” in this declining nation of roving, drugged idiots!  It’s a jungle out there today, make no mistake about that today!  This may be SH’s most gifted area of expertise, you should know, too.  For several of us have endured and survived some serious threats in our life times, thus far.  We have lots to say about this, and you most likely have lots to gain from some of what we will share – whether this be in person or via email or across this blog!
5. You’re a feller Hillbilly up yher in the Smokies – and you just need to talk about that recent Coon Hunt or Deer you almost got!
Reasons NOT to Contact Us:
1. Solicitations
– unrelated to our stated purpose.
2. Solicitations – even related to our stated purpose, but “to sell us something”!  Don’t do this!
3. To involve us in ANYTHING ILLEGAL.  If you are “out there,” we’ll probably report you.  We’re not a “militia” and we’re not your secret buddy to help you take over the world.  If you bother us – we’ll bother you!