“Shotgun Hillbilly” states several Disclaimers surrounding our intended purpose & function, as we deal with hot button issues like “Gun Control,” Guns, some Idiots (who obtained a gun somehow), Personal Security & Home Defense, etc.  Necessarily, SH will be siding with individuals wishing to retain the power to ultimately protect themselves – through autonomous ownership of most firearms.

  1. We ain't aiming to harm no one - just wanna live in peace and tranquility (whatever that word means)!

    We ain’t aiming to harm no one – just wanna live in peace and tranquility (whatever that word means)!

    Shotgun Hillbilly [SH] is not in any way Pro-Violence!  We are peace-loving folk. Heck-fire, we raise Hound Dogs for a living!  SH is not connected or allied with any radical groups, racial leanings, ethnic bents, or secret causes that might exclude certain persons (although we do exclude all militant Religions – you can count on that one!) from participating in “living free” activities and enjoying a peaceful life, just as our own.  We advocate a “no violence” approach to everything, wherever possible, though we do realize there are now as many “nuts among us” as are inside the Democratic Party in this nation!  Our code is to stand ready to “defend life, liberty & property” for self or any other free or innocent persons in the vicinity – quite possibly, even with one of them (Media feared) deadly Firearms.

    Hillbilly Fact: If a non-violent person cannot be free to institute “deadly force” against that same threat first thrown toward themselves, then any Law or Regulation preventing this ability of “self-protection” is itself against our rights to remain free, as well as against the U.S. Constitution, in addition.  And where any “violent act” of counter-aggression or self-protection & “life-preservation” is required – to remain alive today – such a “deadly force” capability is to always be preserved by whatever means possible – such a situation of “reactive violence” toward any other being “by provocation only” – according to the common sense “Hillbilly Code”. Our “Guns are for Defense” – not “Offense”. All “Guns” are the same.

  2. Not just anyone should have Guns...

    Lefty’s & Lost Liberals…”L3′s”!                  FACT: Not just anyone should have a Gun today…especially L3′s…but that don’t mean “everyone should not have a Gun”…too!         You Boneheads!

    Not all Persons should have “Guns”.  This is obvious.  But, the opposite is also not true, too – to make a Law where “Nobody should have Guns” (or any certain type of weapon, say an “Assault Weapon” – which is a false label anyway) – is only an attempt to increase the Power and Control of the ones making any such Laws or New Gun Regulations.  Instead, the Law-creators ought to properly analyze the so called “Gun Problem” in earnest, and reconstruct society in such a way as to address the real problems contributing to “Gun Violence” (of which the “Gun” is not causing, itself).  Such issues include: Violent Video Games, Immature Parents raising Undisciplined Children all over this nation today, Lying Politicians & Media, Anyone Reacting in Anger and Fear of “Gun Violence” episodes, Uneducated People (about “Guns” and most other issues) and those “Afraid of Guns” ready to make Laws against them!

    Free America MUST keep Guns - or FREEDOM is only a game we will then play!

    Free America MUST keep Guns – or FREEDOM is only a game we will then play!

    TRUE STORY: This Hillbilly once had a good friend who was a Presbyterian Minister. That fellow was a far Left, anti-Gun, self-proclaimed Pacifist…from the far away West Coast.  So, during his time here in these yhere mountains, it came along one fine day when I did receive his urgent phone call…all hurried and frantic from my buddy, Pastor “X”.  In that quick call he pled that I should come straight over to his house – right now!  So I did. When I arrived, nothing was unusual or out of order and so I asked, “What’s up, Padre’?”  His answer was just this, “Well, I needed you here because I had some ‘mean people’ here bothering me.  I knew I needed your help!”  When asked, “Why me?” He said, “…because I knew you had guns!”  Now this was a guy who was certainly afraid of his own shadow, but too, it tells a real truth we all need to understand today.  When the SHTF (guess the meaning) in anyone’s life, that life may well need protecting…WITH GUNS!  And Everybody on the planet knows this, too!  That’s why the Big Boys have their own Security with them – carrying those dreaded GUNS – while they push this nonsense called “Gun Control” on all the rest of us out here!  Swallow that in your grits, Mr. & Mrs. Cityfolk!

  3. SH are actually “hillbillies” living in the Smoky Mountains.  We are all adult christian mountain men with families.  We are law-abiding families just making it day to day, week to week, year to year…trying to help our fellow man (and woman) in ways needed.  Other than owning and using guns to “commit” hunting and maintaining our god-given rights to “protect our families” – we are primarily pacifists at heart.  We want to harm nobody.  But, if you try to harm us…well, we ain’t stupid & we stand ready to “hurt” anyone trying to hurt innocent human beings, anywhere.  Guns are used for this valid protection purpose all over; they always have been for this legitimate intention, as well as for the ultimate protection of society in general, in addition to being used for just plain fun and hunting, etc. We support all of these critical “gun activities” fully.
  4. Despite the fact SH will be displaying and discussing controversial issues on this site, this fails to mean any of us want to be aggressive over any of these topics.  The mere posting of certain issues is “for discussion” only.  We believe in airing our differences and coming to peaceful resolutions, if at all possible, always.  Mature persons can discuss almost anything – without becoming aggressive or violent toward others.  Fights and Aggression are often signs of extreme immaturity…especially on the “first strike” aggressor’s side of the confrontation.
  5. Everyone should be allowed to protect themselves & their homes in this world today...even Liberals!

    Everyone should be allowed to protect themselves & their homes in this world today…even Liberals!

    SH’s original purpose is and will for the foreseeable future be two-fold.
    , to help teach a safe use of Shotguns to non-violent, mentally stable (single exception only for News Anchors) Homeowners learn how to safely protect themselves, their families and their property and homes, from any criminal aggression; this has been an especially difficult, necessary issue to address in the Southeastern US in recent years, by and through what has become the ugly & difficult problems directly related to our increased “drug culture”.  (See #5 below & Pic at Right – Homeowner Dan protecting himself and his womenfolk under 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms)
    Two, SH is charged with presenting the Truth to all who wish to participate in today’s sometimes aggressive, not always reliable or fact-presenting, “Gun Debate” in Amerika.

  6. Shotgun Babe lives alone in her Trailer - VERY Safely today!

    Shotgun Babe lives alone in her Trailer – VERY Safely today!

    The original thought on this “Shotgun Hillbilly” concept came as a result of our finding that “city folk” are in urgent need of knowing how to protect themselves, while occupying their own homes, the most likely and common instrument of freedom being the “Hillbilly Shotgun”…the use of which most living in cities have no clue how to use…safely or competently.  We aim to change all that now through the teaching of “safe firearms use” and function – at our unofficial “Shotgun Ranch Training Center”!

  7. Failed Parenting 101

    Failed Parenting 101

    Anyone allowing this to occur – (see Pic) – is guilty of “Total Parenting Failure“!  We Hillbillies don’t allow our chillin’ to play with guns…and you shouldn’t either!

  8. Don't you want me to have a Gun today?

    Why don’t you Hillbillies like me and my bro’s?

    If you look like this, YOU are not to ever have a GUN…that’s right!  Now, make a Law that accomplishes just this and we’re getting safer…aren’t we!