No Guns = No Defense Zone

Schools have been made “Gun Free (Killing) Zones” today. Do we really want more “Zones” just like this – so Criminals can go there and “Shoot Targets” without being stopped?!!

Gun Control.  This is the buzz word dynamic duo that the Politcal Left us now again using in AmeriKa – to shame the nation into giving up our Gun Rights. They have the perfect crow bar to try to do this now, too – it’s called the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting!

Their position is and will continue to be, “Who in Amerika could dare to say, now, that we do not need ‘Gun Control’?!” And too, “Nobody needs an ‘assault weapon’ that kills fast and furious (oops! That was a slurr, there, wasn’t it!) in AmeriKa!”  Shotgun Hillbilly says, “Don’t fall for this – that you are now hearing!  It is coercion of the most manipulative order!  No one is “for school shootings” as your refusal to support any new “gun bans” directly imply, per their arguments, and once you give your rights up (whatever they “were”), you will NEVER EVER get them back – from this government!”  Ask them if they can guarantee what they claim?  If you go along with what they say about “Gun Control” – can they guarantee that not another child or person will be killed with all those mean “Guns” they want off the street now??  That answer is No, so don’t go along with their ploy!  It’s not about being “for or against gun violence” – on innocent children!  That’s the manipulation they expect most to fall for, without thinking too deep about it & without understanding what this wrong decision for the U.S. means…on down the line, too!  It’s a Power Grab!

Don’t make a snap judgment about our views here; hear us out because the core of this debate is extremely serious and it DOES affect both you and your entire family!  ”Shotgun Hillbilly” is not for today’s version of “Gun Control,” but we here at SH fully understand “something has to be done” in this nation of rampaging Killers!  So, what is it?  See our “Gun Control” suggestions here: “SH Recommendations on Gun Control

For all you non-Hillbillies, some clarification of this Gun Control issue is now on tap.  So, listen up AmeriKa – the land where “it’s not the way you’re being misled…I mean told” today.

Horrific Crimes do not make just reason to react in emotional upset - further limiting rights - all at a tool that was used to do the killing!

Horrific Crimes do not make just reason to react in emotional upset – further limiting rights – all at a tool that was used to do the killing!

Points to consider in the Gun Debate:
1. If a gun is used to kill someone – it’s not the “gun” that needs to be “controlled” – it may be the shooter, instead.  Note: If the shooting was “just,” then the shooter needs nothing other than to be released and “debriefed”.
2. It has been said, “If the government doesn’t trust me with my guns, then I don’t trust them with all theirs!”
3. If the “Gun Control” debate is correct, then we should outlaw all automobiles due to “drunk drivers” using them to kill people, exactly the same!  Think about this now.
4. Ask yourself the question about Power & Control that no one in the Media or any of the Politicians will openly mention. “How does the Agenda in the Gun Control proposed new Laws or Regulations INCREASE the government’s real Power while DECREASING that or your own?”
5. And if you are willing to give up some of your real Power to an ever-increasing, poorly functioning, actually major malfunctioning government – by so doing or going along with their proposed new “Gun Control” Laws, etc. – then what does that say about how smart YOU are today?

Building fell and thousands died - because "we the people" didn't have the brains to stop this before it happened!

Building fell and thousands died – because “we the people” didn’t have the brains to stop this before it happened!

6. Are any of us bad persons who refuse to trust our governments more than we already do…if they gain even more Power, that is?  Answer: It’s just the opposite, really.
7. Where does Truth run in and amongst this entire Gun Control debate?
8. If you don’t know the answers to the last question, should you even be opening your mouth to side with giving the government MORE Power now?
9. Looking at the hole in that World Trade Center – having seen the video many times on TV, as most of us now have – does taking away Guns from non-violent, not insane, responsible American Citizens make more “holes in buildings” (i.e. terrorism, etc.) more or less likely in the future?  Think hard on this issue now.
10. Most of the things we now hear on TV, primarily on the News Channels like CNN, MSNBC, Fox news, etc., are almost all a bunch of lies – to most people who know the truth.  But the country’s “sheep” don’t know what is a lie and what is not; they just operate on emotion and pressure…and then vote!  Uh oh.
11. Instead of the Gun as the culprit in today’s mass violence, is the problem not so much more in the arenas of: Mental Illness, Violent Video Games for small minds, Immaturity amongst most Americans that is at an absolute all time high!  But it sure is easy to blame the gun after any “incident” now isn’t it!

You cannot stop this from occurring today, or will you be able to stop this with equal our future?

You cannot stop this from occurring today, or ever…so will you be able to stop this with equal force…in our future?

12. When all the Left Gun Control nuts get their way in the end…and the violence in this country only escalates, no less gun-related crimes then committed than before all the upcoming “Assault Weapon Bans” or New Gun Laws…what do you think these anti-gun nuts will say then?  Already they say, “Well, even if it saves one person, we HAVE TO try somethings!”  Friends, this is the language of fools!
13. When a nation of selfish, entirely self-centered, entitled, manipulative, spoiled-rotten, anti-God fools (we have to call “Amerikans” today now, in all truth) is cut loose to do whatever it is they want or demand to do today…what do you expect might happen?  And if you take away their most used weapon that is a “gun” today…what do you think this crowd will do with all that rage and anger and selfishness (at each other and life in general, still)…without that one single “weapon”?  Answer: Kill – Kill – Kill and Kill again!  Nothing will change if that is all we do – take a gun class away?
IMG95476214. But what will change if we allow this to occur – taking that one weapon class away, and all the rest – is your very untrustworthy government – that cannot protect or take care of these problems today or in the future – that they claim they will “fix for you now” by instituting more “Gun Control Legislation” onto us all – will be not only MORE POWERFUL, but they will also be poised to “do it again, Uncle Sam” to us, in other ways and forms and continued DIMINISHED RIGHTS of the Citizenry, on down the line!  Read your history!!  It’s not good where this always goes!
15. Dare to search for the Truth and the right answers on all this, because the masses out there are NOT THINKING clearly today, at all!
16. Today’s Media claims the “AR-15 is the gun the military uses today!”  This is incorrect. The military uses the M-4 and the M-16, which are “automatic weapons” while the AR-15 is not…so the Media is either stupid or they are lying to you when they clam this!
17. The Media also says not only is it these Guns that are to blame, it is the “high capacity magazines” they can use that is a part of the cause, or problem, today…with all these “random mass shootings”?  Fact: Many people can be killed by most any gun today.  It’s not the magazines that kill people!

More to come soon…stay tuned.