Page Under ConstructionGun Control. In a nation of uneducated selfish idiots – which many more are now as compared to just a few decades past – we will need to Legislate and Regulate some form of “Gun Control” – that retains our 2nd Amendment Rights to protect ourselves and our families.  This is our version of “what needs to be” now.

Shotgun Hillbilly – Rules for Guns in America:

1. Facts Only. No more untrue statements are to be tolerated about “Guns” or “Gun Control” – by anyone.  If you say it, that doesn’t make it so…and you are open (and should be) attacked verbally for your attempt to manipulate this issue with anything false.

2. Clarification of Starting Point on all Laws & Intelligent Discussions. The Gun doesn’t harm anybody.  It’s the person behind the gun, pulling the trigger.  Duh!  And that’s where all efforts ought to now be concentrated – not on the Guns.

3. Handling or Owning Guns should Require Adequate Firearms Instructions.  This instruction should be able to be given by anyone, especially by “family,” if competent…and a short Test with a Certification Card on “Basic Firearms Safety” ought to be issued by each State…along with a more “Advanced Firearms Carry” Card, this one allowing your “carry – to go armed” in all 50 states, thereafter, as well!  That includes NY, CT, MI, HI and all the rest!

4. DRUGS & MENTAL ILLNESS. Any Persons having Serious Mental Health Issues or Ongoing Drug Ab-Use (including Addictions OR use of “Mood-Altering Drugs” in any form) are not to touch a firearm or explosive device of any type, period!

5. LOCKED STORAGE. If you legally own any Firearm, you must keep that (and all) Firearm under Lock & Key (preferrably inside a Large Safe) – when not in your direct personal use.

6. MENTAL ISSUES. If you have under your “charge,” anyone deemed “mentally defective” or “mentally disturbed” – especially, within your own household – you are to NEVER TEACH or DISCUSS IN DETAIL “how to use firearms” – with that person!

7. AMMO. All Ammo of any type is to be kept equally as safe as the Guns are to be kept, themselves.  Under Lock & Key at all times.

8. FIREARM SAFETY RULES. It shall be common knowledge amongst all Persons allowed to have or “carry” a firearm – the Safe Handling of all Firearms, which are stated in these simple Firearm Safety Rules:
a) NEVER point a firearm at another person – unless you intend to shoot them.  NEVER.
b) NEVER grip a firearm with your finger on the trigger – unless you intend to shoot that firearm at that time.  NEVER.
c) NEVER assume any firearm is “unloaded”.  NEVER – unless you “check the chamber yourself” – and then, only for the time you have that “cleared firearm” in your hands & haven’t looked away from it (that someone else might have slipped a shell into it)!
d) ALWAYS make sure everyone in your vicinity – handling Guns – knows and understands these Rules at all times.  NOTE: If this involves “teenagers” in your midst, you will have to REPEAT THESE INSTRUCTIONS SEVERAL TIMES until you see and get a verbal cue that all “teenagers” do “get it” on all these issues.  Note also, you can expect all “teens” to become angry at you – for insisting that they “do as they are told or instructed” at that same time!  Fact: That’s just the way it is – when dealing with “teenagers” (whose brains are known to be in “backwards” – until their age of maturity – which is again rising every year now in this country, by the way)!

9. ASSAULT. It is an “assault” to even point a firearm at someone; it is also a “threat” to show one with any “intent” to threaten another person with a firearm.  Given this is dangerous stuff – even to brandish in the presence of another person – such acts ought to be taught to all persons, including children playing with “toy guns,” early in life in this country.

10. More to come soon.