Page Under Construction“Your Proof – that you need this “Hillbilly Shotgun” Training & Security Awareness or Pre-attack/Security Breach Planning information – badly – exists plainly within your own Reality as exhibited in your own life today!”

What are we talking about here?  Ask yourself this question, “What am I relying on today to keep both me and my family safe? What are our most likely threats to our Lives & our Personal Security?  What serves myself and my family specifically in the way of ‘protection & safety’ each and every single day…and night?  Have I never asked these questions before?  Do I have specific Plans of Protection in place…or am I relying on just good luck to keep me safe?”

Listen.  You buy Insurance, don’t you?  Why do you do that?  Answer: Because if something goes wrong, you want to be covered, right?  Right.  You may even have Life Insurance in this mix of coverage, don’t you?  Even if you don’t, you get the idea; this “protect yourself” issue is already something you’ve probably thought at least partially about today.  So, why not think of a much higher threat – like protecting your life and the lives of your family members?  Many do this, but we don’t call it “Insurance” on the surface.  We call it “going armed” or “having a shotgun at home for self defense” or just “watching out”.  Fact: Due the increased threat levels of U.S. personal violence – home invasions, car break in’s (called “smash ‘n grabs” by druggies), robberies, etc. – the time has come to “become aware” of the threats that now exist in multiple form to you and yours!  ”Prevention (of a crime) is key” to survival and safety.  This is true today just as it always has been; now you have more of a reason to do this than ever before!

If your answer to the issue of “self protection” is just: “God’ll protect me” or “Armed Guards” or “Police” are out there to protect me – think again!  This is the reason those with the most obvious threats to their lives – famous people, politicians, those in the public eye, etc. – always have “armed security” around them for hire.  And if so many high profile people are hiring their own security for the real threats that are out there, don’t you think you should consider placing some proper “fences” even (i.e. “fences” blocking each potential, esp. predictable, threat) - between you and the monsters roving around out there that we know about, these selfish criminals fully ready to destroy all that you care about, including you , at anytime?  Have you never heard of: “Bad things happen to good people” in this world?  And did you know that “Prevention is the Key” is a classic statement – because it actually works if you do it?  Wait!  You don’t care enough to “think ahead,” is that it?  Do you believe the Sandy Hook Elementary School Kindergardeners were in need of a little “thinking ahead” (in a better way than occurred) – such as better protecting these kids than what they had in place that fateful day?  Think of it; looking into the face of that one horrible unexpected violent incident that morning of 12.14.12?  What would you have done or put in place – to stop this – now that we know what was and actually did happen that day?  Answer: More than what they did, that’s for dang sure!  And it’s time to get smart about this in your own life, just as it is in the lives of all others you care about today, too!  We can help you do this – “Shotgun Hillbilly” – knows how to increase your effective self protection covering today’s increased “threat levels”!

See some of the following as “Proofs” surrounding the fact it is time to start paying very close attention to our “Gun Rights” again - as these issues gain real momentum now, the “Gun Control” side of the debate fully utilizing the following “Proofs” as what they twist into reasons to become more strict – in ways that make no one safe, at all.  These new Dangerous Realities now operating in our society nearly unchecked are definite cause for alarm!  Using them to change us all to a more “regulated” Police State…well, they can say something is so, but that most often fails to make it “so”…in fact.

Why does the average good & decent citizen NEED to own and know how to use - defensively – a rifle like the AR-15 (or cadre’ of self-defense weaponry) in this nation?  Here are the Proofs & Reasons why this is so today (of course, excluding all those who are either “idiots” or true “mental defectives” with personal problems such that they wish to harm others – offensively):

School Shooting Collage1. Random Public Shootings – If this can happen despite more Gun Control Laws “outlawing” it, then YOU better be ready to “meet the threat” with an equal or better “counter threat” – if you want to survive the attacks, that is.  Any other “solution” or alternative to this head on attack, is futile!  This is why today’s “Gun Control” push is so dangerous – it is functionally and factually wrong, but it secretly supports the Left’s Agenda entirely!

2. Addiction Threats are Everywhere Today – this not being a commonly recognized “threat” to most people, because “we” as a nation are still asleep at the wheel on this now pandemic issue across the country – and since we as a nation are not able to handle or eliminate this current horrific issue now destroying our world right before us, then YOU better begin to learn the truth about this most secret situation!  This has become an ever present threat to you and your family – know it or not – in the world we live in today!  It’s time to know the facts of “how it works” and “what’s really going on” inside it…YOU are prepared to deal with, by force if you have to!  For Home Invasions, Robberies, Theft, “Smash & Grabs” (cars in parking lots), Assaults, Domestic Violence, Divorce, Murders, Rapes, and so on…are almost ALL related to this “Drug Issue” in our sick nation today!  There are truths about this issue that can help you understand and deal with this deadly issue much more effectively!
Addiction Word CollageSee this awesome website: AddictionTreatmentTN

3. Reality of Bible Prophecy – like it or not (Media & present Mass Thought Mis-Taught (MTMT) in America), choose to reject this Truth or not, the Bible clearly predicts and supports the declining path of what is happening in our nation today.  The need for “increased security” is everywhere today; the signs around us reveal this easily – to those paying attention!
See the following scripture:
2 Chronicles 7:14
2 Timothy 3 & 4
(more soon to be posted)

4. Government Usurping our 2nd Amendment Rights & Personal Freedoms - The Police State is ever escalating & from this point forward it will be a fight to keep what we have in the way of “individual self-protection” rights, while not being made to look like we are “pro-shooting” of innocents!  It helps to reduce the smoke & mirror, intentional confusion being spewed out by either side today – especially the “Gun Control”/”we can fix all this” (with more Laws & individual personal Restrictions) – before it gets further off track!  If we don’t stop the machine, or at least stop it from moving its’ disarming agendas into our lives further, it will definitely stop all of us…as history tells us (if you study it)…step by step…from being “free” to do as we have done before, protecting ourselves and having the Rights to do this (including owning the “semi-automatic rifles” – inappropriately dubbed “assault rifles” today)…to being a nation where Big Daddy Government usurps our Rights & Freedoms more and more (to “take care of us” all the more), right down into what history shows us will happen, which is both murder by ones’ own government along with slavery to that same government.  Don’t believe it?  Read and study this issue in ages past, please, for yourself!

Fact: When any chump on a stump has had all his life a personal record of never harming anyone, while also having no serious “mental health issues” to speak of (beware of this issue becoming more pronounced in the coming years – as the government will now have its’ “participating doctors” call anything they want a mental health reason why you can’t own a gun – psych docs today call everything a “mental illness”), then those “fine folks” ought to be able to have any dang “weapon” they want, per the true intent of that 2nd Amendment, in our own country eyes!  And if this is not so, then we need to be asking the question, “Why doesn’t our government trust ‘us’ (totally sane & productive good citizens) with guns?”  Also, “Why are ‘we’ deemed ‘dangerous’ just for ‘owning guns’ today…now?”  Answer: Agenda!

5. Liberals are Scared of all Guns – so you can’t trust their views on this issue today!   Have you ever encountered one of the kooks that thinks “Guns are sooooo dangerous; they shouldn’t even be touched!”?  Most of them are Liberals, obviously…never having been raised around guns. Can’t hunt, neither! So be it.  But, when these “anti-gun nuts” starts in on us about how Guns need to be more “regulated”…well, our answer to that is why don’t we just “regulate the nuts” before they shoot somebody, first?  It’s pretty obvious to we hillbillies who ought not have a gun in their hand; isn’t it obvious to them?  If they don’t like guns or can’t use them responsibly, they need to just stay clear of all guns, themselves, and their communities can be “protected” by just their Police, I guess.  Out here, we prefer hunting and protecting our own – the old fashioned way, by going armed at all times!  We don’t have time to wait for the Police to show up when our lives are in instant danger!  (Do they, really?)  It seems obvious that today, more than ever, this has become an absolute necessity – in a nutty world like we have going on here now, where some “tards” go out and actually shoot kindergartners?  Man, if one of us hillbillies had been at that school when that idiot arrived, shooting…there’d be one less “tard” running around with a rifle and a heart beat and 20+ school boys and girls…going on to the lunch room after some commotion, just as usual, too, the way they always do at that same time!  We don’t need no legislated “no gun rules” to keep us from harming children!  We don’t prefer no “professional armed guards only” toting weapons in our schools, really, rarely ever in the right spot at the right time, unable to handle what someone might do to a group of kids!  Nope.  Our guns never hurt nobody – none of ‘em never used on “offense” (as would be required to harm an innocent person) – and they’ll never do that to nobody, too, neither!  That’s what guns are made for…America!  Defense only & hunting – in the woods!

If it’s suddenly not O.K. to have our defense protection devices, cuz some nuts done stupid things with theirs or the ones they stole…then nary a Law is gonna protect from that, and especially, not here!

6. Liberals also have an Agenda – so “what they say is not what they really mean” (supporting that Agenda behind the words) – and failing to see this is just falling for the subterfuge!

7. Politicians will always have the Guns that they take away from you today!  Think about this. Our elite human superiors – called Politicians – are going to be making rules that limit “we” underlings (as they always do), while elevating themselves to being “above the law”!  It’s the way it always is; nothing about that changes except in this case we are talking about the “right to own firearms”!  That’s a HUGE difference in what these “elites” can do vs. what “we” normals are allowed/controlled to do, and this is “too much power” differential between “we” and “they” in this realm!  It will change the way the entire nation functions – understand this on the front end (and they don’t want “us” to understand this, believe me) or not!  It is inappropriate to allow this to now occur – which is why there was and still is a “2nd Amendment” the way it was intended!

8. The question of now often asked: “What reason does any ordinary citizen need an AR-15?!!”  Answers: Self Defense is a basic human Right – that cannot be taken away from anyone.  In the case of the AR-15, even if we as a nation desire to declare this a “dangerous weapon” (possibly requiring “regulating” from being used by anyone, anytime, anywhere, etc.), that designation and restriction ought ONLY be applied to those to whom “basic human rights” must also be “highly monitored” likewise – as in for cases where we can’t even allow “mentally slow” folks to drive cars, choose freedoms like going unescorted in public, handling knives, taking charge of children, etc.  This makes perfect sense, and ONLY in these obvious cases of “can’t think straight” (vs. what additional “mental diagnoses” the “new world order” will now come out with – to fit the Agenda of “taking guns away” from everyone)!
a) Because it is our Right - by the Constitution – and true (esp. inalienable) Rights are not to be “questioned” by a stinking government…ever.
b) “We” citizens are supposed to be running this governmentnot the other way around; to do this, it is imperative that we have an effective “big stick” in our closets…called this AR-15 now…of “equating power” to our over-powering, malicious, rotten, stinking at the core, government!
c) Practically, because it any of “us” is forced to come up against a “gang of thugs” (i.e. any origin…), then it will take at least a “semi-automatic rifle” with that 30+ round clip to do this job, plainly!
d) Also, if the Police and the Government have it, as well as have determined the AR-15 to be the “gun of choice in combat” – then “if it’s needed for these entities, it’s quite probably needed for ‘us’, as well, too!”
e) Because taking this away – in the heat of some “Gun Control” coercive political maneuver – just like making some rash decision in the middle of a personal argument – is NEVER a good idea in the heat of the moment!  Fact: Even Liberals will tell you that “now is the time to act – while the ‘political heat’ over this topic (i.e. because of the Sandy Hook Elem. School EMOTIONS) is still hot?  Folks, this is the exact opposite reasoning used by those who know and understand “how NOT to act” in the middle of an emotional drama!
f) Because past problems with “Criminals Using Guns” is not a present or future problem with the “Gun” itself!
g) Because taking AR’s away is the inappropriate/wrong reaction in relation to the actual stimulus!  In other words, making New Laws to “Control” gun violence – is like taking all Cars (of a certain kind) and making them suddenly illegal because Drunk Drivers (commonly) use them to commit all that “Drunk Driving”!  We know better than to do this; why don’t we know better than to do this exact same thing – with a (certain brand or model of) “Gun”?  Answer: It’s about the Agenda – Control (of “us”) – not the “Gun” that they claim it’s all about!
h) Because “Gun Bans” doesn’t work to solve the problems (they keep claiming such a ban will do), at hand…period!
i) Because the AR-15 is a less powerful bullet, and therefore weapon, than the average U.S. Deer Rifle!  As usual, Congress is an idiot on this topic; they act as they know the most and so much about everything that comes into their realm…as some supposed “king of the land” today!  It’s time to see the idiocracy for what it is – a group of Political Idiots sticking their noses into every “problem” claiming only they have the answers for everyone?!  Wrong!  So, the Political clammor is mostly “Political” BS, furthering their unconstitutional Agenda, plainly…to the ones of us left out here that can actually think!
j) More to come…